Fox Entertainment is in very early stages of development of a newly acquired piece of intellectual property — The Texanist, a column at Texas Monthly magazine.

The column will be adapted as a comedy in conjunction with the publication, Fox Entertainment president Michael Thorn told Variety at the Television Critics Assn. winter press tour, calling it an “incredible column from an incredible voice.”

“We’ve just started the process of trying to find the right writer and writing team to adapt it, and so it’s early stage, but those rights we are closed on and I’m very passionate about it,” he said. “It just brings such an authentic, unique point of view that’s not on television.”

The Texanist, an advice column penned by David Courtney, has been in publication since July 2007 and is the magazine’s most read feature, according to Texas Monthly.

According to the publication’s site, Courtney’s column has “exorcized bedevilment, cured the curious, and oriented the disoriented. In short, he has taught many a well-intentioned Texan how to properly conduct him- or herself. Is it ever okay to ask somebody how many acres he has? Is it acceptable to spit tobacco juice at the office? Can one have too many Texas-themed tattoos? Why is Big Red so good? Who knows? Wait, the Texanist does!”

Some of The Texanist’s recent columns include, “Should I Stop Wearing My Stetson Now That They’ve Become So Popular?”, “How Can You Be a Texan If You’re a Liberal?”, and “My Husband Shouldn’t Be Driving Around Town Without His Shirt On, Should He?”