Fox News Media on Saturday revealed that three employees – one from Fox Business Network and  two others – tested positive for coronavirus, according to memos sent Saturday to employees by the Fox Corp. unit’s two top executives.

Suzanne Scott, CEO of Fox News Media, and Jay Wallace president of Fox News Media, said in the messages that employees who had been in direct contact with the staffers in question were directed to self-quarantine for two weeks, and that “key areas” of the company’s headquarters were being sanitized and disinfected several tikmes a day.

On Friday, the Fox Corporation-owned unit disclosed a first discovery of an employee with the illness. On Friday evening, viewers of Fox Business were told that Lou Dobbs, who anchors one of Fox Business’ most-watched programs, was going into quarantine after an employee who works on his show was found to test positive.

“We will continue to keep everyone informed and up to speed as we manage this process and as any other situations arise. We are a team all working toward the same goal of performing a public service via our linear and non-linear platforms and we will all get through this together,” the executives said in one of their memos.

Many big TV news operations have had to contend with coronavirus breaking out among employees. CBS News had to keep employees out of its New York facilities for a few days and send its “CBS This Morning” to alternate sites for broadcast. NBC News is dealing with remote locations for several members of the anchor team of its flagship “Today.” ABC News has also had a staffer who works in its Los Angeles bureau test positive.

The second affected Fox Business employee has not been worked at Fox Corp.’s New York headquarters since Monday, March 16, and worked on the building’s 12th floor, the executives said. The previous Fox Business employee’s last day at work was March 13, and that person worked on the 20th floor of the Fox offices. The two other employees worked on the office’s 15th floor. One was last in the office on March 6, the other on March 16.