Fox Business Anchor Liz Claman Has Gone Into Self-Quarantine

Courtesy of Fox Business Network

Liz Claman is the latest Fox Business Network anchor to go into self-quarantine as a result of the coronavirus epidemic.

Claman appeared briefly on her usual hour, the 3 p.m. “Claman Countdown,” to tell viewers she was six days in to a quarantine process. “I miss you guys,” she said.

Claman is one of a handful of on-air personalities to be taken out of regular rotation due to the spread of coronavirus. Charles Payne told viewers last week he was staying at home, owing to his wife having a compromised immune system in a town that has suffered during the outbreak, while evening host Lou Dobbs has also decided to isolate himself. Four employees at Fox News Media have tested positive for coronavirus in recent days and top executives at the Fox Corporation-owned unit have vowed to keep employees informed about workplace conditions.

Claman has held down the same hour on Fox Business since joining the network in 2007 after a stint working at CNBC. She has recently gained traction for covering the stock-market ramifications of the coronavirus outbreak while the contagion was more active in overseas markets.