Deirdre Bolton, who has for the past few years worked as an anchor at Fox Business Network, is joining ABC News as a New York-based business correspondent.

“As an accomplished reporter, Deirdre is adept at translating complex financial concepts into understandable ideas and facts,” said ABC News President James Goldston in a statement Monday. “She reported on some of the biggest stories over the past two decades,” he added, including the 2018 summit between North Korea and the United States, and the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks. “During the 2007-2008 financial crisis, she provided straightforward explanations of the global financial meltdown daily and ways the audience could find much-needed help,” Goldston added.

Before moving to Fox Business Network, Bolton was an anchor on Bloomberg TV and served as a CBS News contributor.  She initially joined Fox Business to host an early afternoon program, “Risk and Reward With Deirdre Bolton,” and was working as a full-time business correspondent at the Fox Corporation-owned outlet.

ABC News has hired other employees from Fox News and Fox Business in the past, including current “View” co-host Meghan McCain, former “View” co-host Abby Huntsman, ABC News correspondent Will Carr and ABC News correspondent Diane Macedo.