Dana Baratta, known for her work writing and co-executive producing “Marvel’s Jessica Jones,” “Good Behavior” and “Private Practice,” died on Sunday at age 59 due to complications from ovarian cancer.

Known as a consummate storyteller, Baratta’s other credits as a writer and producer for TV and film include “Dawson’s Creek,” “Providence,” and the 1994 feature “Andre the Seal.”

Baratta’s family announced her passing on Tuesday, adding that a common refrain among the scribe’s friends was “If it wasn’t for Dana, I wouldn’t have my career,” “I wouldn’t have met my wife,” or “I wouldn’t have met my husband.” Baratta had battled ovarian cancer for years, and credited her extended survival to the care and treatment she received from UCLA Medical Center surgeon and researcher Dr. Beth Y. Karlan.

Baratta is survived by husband David Smith, stepsons Michael Smith and Mathew Smith and Mathew’s wife Jen. She is also survived by sister Lisa Baratta and brothers Mark Baratta and David Baratta.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Dr. Beth Y. Karlan’s Research Advancement Fund in memory of Baratta, who was a strong supporter of Dr. Karlan’s research on early detection and a cure for ovarian cancer. Donation checks, which should note that the gift is in memory of Baratta, can be made payable to The UCLA Foundation and mailed to UCLA Health Sciences Development, Attn: Heidi Saravia, P.O. Box 7145, Pasadena, CA 91109-9903.