The CW announced Tuesday an additional four series acquisitions as part of its summer lineup.

Making their U.S. debuts on The CW are: the horror whodunnit competition “Killer Camp,” debuting July 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT; , the docu-series “Being Reuben,” debuting on Aug. 7 at 9; the comedy panel game show “Taskmaster,” debuting on Aug. 2 at 8; and the family-centric cooking competition “Fridge Wars,” debuting Aug. 2 at 9.

Full descriptions of the shows can be read below.

The broadcaster also announced premiere dates for some previously acquired shows. “Tell Me a Story” will debut on July 28 at 9, while “Coroner” will debut Aug. 5 at 9. Additionally, the half-hour British comedy “Dead Pixles” has moved into The CW’s summer schedule, making its U.S. premiere on Aug. 18 at 8.

The following is The CW’s schedule of late-summer premieres. All times ET/PT:


8:00-9:00pm KILLER CAMP (Series Premiere)


8:00-9:00pm DC’S STARGIRL (Original Episode)

9:00-10:00pm TELL ME A STORY (Series Premiere)


8:00-9:00pm TASKMASTER (Series Premiere)

9:00-10:00pm FRIDGE WARS (Series Premiere)


8:00-9:00pm THE 100 (Original Episode)

9:00-10:00pm CORONER (Series Premiere)


8:00-8:30pm MASTERS OF ILLUSION (Original Episode)

8:30-9:00pm MASTERS OF ILLUSION (Encore Episode)

9:00-9:30pm BEING RUEBEN (Series Premiere)

9:30-10:00pm BEING RUEBEN (Original Episode)


8:00-8:30pm DEAD PIXELS (Series Premiere)

8:30-9:00pm DEAD PIXELS (Original Episode)

9:00-10:00pm TELL ME A STORY (Original Episode)

New Show Descriptions:

In BEING REUBEN, fourteen year-old Reuben de Maid, a talented teen juggling social media stardom with real-life squabbling siblings, became an internet sensation after shooting to fame following an appearance on “Little Big Shots.” The Welsh teenager is a singer, influencer and make-up expert, and now has a high-profile career. In this fun, inspiring and warm-hearted new docuseries, we follow Reuben as he grows into his glamorous new life, while still grounded in his reality at home in Wales with siblings Coco and Sonny, and his mother Vicky. Being Reuben takes a passionate look at how a loving family has given their special teen the strength to stand out. BEING REUBEN stars Reuben de Maid and is from Ricochet Ltd., a Warner Bros. International Television Production Company, and Krempelwood Ltd., with executive producers Emma Walsh of Ricochet, Blair Krempel and Mark Wood.

Top chefs compete to make an amazing feast using leftovers and ingredients found in your fridge in the culinary competition FRIDGE WARS. Each episode, two top chefs are pitted against one another with a challenge to create extraordinary meals using only the ingredients taken from the fridges of ordinary families. We learn why dinnertime is a source of stress and panic when host Emma Hunter visits a family’s home and conducts a surprise fridge raid— taking everything from last week’s leftover lasagna to the condiment collection, and even snatching that questionable bag of frozen vegetables from 2016. The competition commences back at the FRIDGE WARS studio where the family’s fridge is recreated for both chefs. Once the clock starts, the chefs have 45 minutes to get dinner on the table — cooking with ingredients they’ve never seen for people they’ve never met! Inside their fridges, the chefs scour through the ingredients imagining what they can possibly pull together. But it’s the outside of the fridge that holds clues that guide the chefs to create a winning meal strategy. The family calendar, take-out menus, photos and maybe a gluten-free recipe are all potential clues to influence what meal will be a hit with these total strangers. When time’s up, the family takes their place at the dining room table and tastes each meal, scoring them on look, taste and originality — without knowing who cooked what. Those results go in the FRIDGE WARS vault and we do it all again with a new family and a new fridge full of challenges, this time upping the ante with a “What the Fridge (WTF) Challenge” that forces both chefs to adapt to a totally unique culinary crisis. With both families’ scores tabulated, the final scene reveals which chef successfully created a mouth-watering masterpiece to win the “Fridge Wars” battle. Hosted by comedian Emma Hunter, FRIDGE WARS is co-produced and co-created by The Gurin Company and the CBC. The show is executive produced by Tracie Tighe (CBC) and Emmy® and Rose d’Or winner Phil Gurin (The Gurin Company).

In The CW’s new satirical horror whodunit reality competition KILLER CAMP, 11 British strangers are shocked to discover they are not going on a fun new reality show called “Summer Camp” but actually participating in an over-the-top “murder” mystery series called “Killer Camp.” Camp Counselor Bobby will be the first to tell you that everything at Camp Pleasant is picturesque and perfect… except the minor problem of the brutal murders. In typical reality show fashion, there will be camaraderie, sex appeal, and lots of backstabbing… only this time, literally. As the campers play games to earn cash during the day, each night one of them will meet their untimely demise in ever more extreme, hilarious and inventive ways. Nobody can be trusted, as one of the campers among them is actually the secret murderer controlling the evil camp handyman “Bruce,” who executes the bloody hilarious death scenes. It’s up to the campers to determine who is pulling the strings, cast out the murderer and save themselves before it’s too late. Comedian Bobby Mair takes on presenting duties as Camp Counselor Bobby. Executive produced by Steph Harris, KILLER CAMP is from Tuesday’s Child and originally aired on ITV2.

TASKMASTER is an International Emmy and triple BAFTA nominated comedy game show starring comedian and actor Greg Davies in the title role of the all-powerful Taskmaster, who issues simple comedic and bizarre tasks to five regular contestants – usually comedians – with Alex Horne (the show creator) acting as the Taskmaster’s assistant. The tasks – usually performed in isolation, but occasionally in teams – are designed to encourage the players to think laterally and creatively. TASKMASTER is from Avalon (“Breeders,” “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay,” “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver,” “Catastrophe”) with executive producers Alex Horne, Richard Allen-Turner, Rob Aslett, James Taylor, Jon Thoday and Andy Devonshire (who also serves as the series’ director) with Hilary Rosen for UKTV.