It’s a “Community” reunion… but not really a legally sanctioned “Community” reunion. Stars Ken Jeong, Alison Brie, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, and Jim Rash have filmed a new video under the hashtag #HumanBeingsforBiden — a nod to the Greendale Community College mascot.

But again — the video, in support of the Get Out the Vote Initiative, is not officially a “Community” reunion, got it?

“We’re all kind of dressed like our characters but nobody’s called anybody by name yet,” notes Pudi, who may or may not be playing his character Abed.

Asks Brie (perhaps as Annie): “Are you having another episode?”

Responds Pudi/Abed: “Like a reunion episode? Or like the kind of episode I would have in a reunion episode so it could be about a reunion episode?”

“We’re in a commercial for a presidential campaign! That’s why nobody has a name, we had to skirt the studio’s permission!”

Enter Rash, sounding a lot like Dean Pelton, offering his “Vote for Biden Cookies” for sale, and noting that classes have been canceled on Tuesday so that students can vote — and coincidentally, because the raccoons are back.

“So that’s what this is!” says Pudi/Abed. “We’re in a commercial for a presidential campaign! That’s why nobody has a name, we had to skirt the studio’s permission!”

Soon, Jacobs (Britta), Brown (Shirley), Brie (Annie) and Jeong (Chang) all admit they’re not voting either.

“This country is a troubled friend we’re hurting through enabling,” Brie/Annie says. “In 2016, we gave Lady Liberty the vote and she chopped it up and snorted it in the bathroom. We need to cut her off or we’ll be the reason she ends up in the ER, which by the way, not a safe place right now.”

Adds Brown/Shirley: “I’m tired of the craziest, angriest people controlling every conversation, making everybody else crazy and angry. Some of us have families to hold together. Thanksgiving was already Vietnam… I’m just exhausted. I want the insanity to stop.”

That’s when McHale, as Jeff Winger (or again, maybe not), finds an argument for voting that just might work with the self-centered study group: Be selfish… and vote.

“Look I get it, we’ve all got totally understandable reasons to opt out,” he says. “But all those reasons have to do with everybody else. Screw everybody else. Do something for yourself: Vote. If you hate the system, don’t support the single largest demographic that has controlled every single election since the 1800s, namely the half of the country that doesn’t vote. Vote them out. And if you want to cut America off from its habits, go ahead, give it some tough love. But for God’s sake, give it methadone and vote. And if you just want the fighting to stop, well I hate to be this guy, but every vote not counting is a vote for the guy that thinks a nice evening at home is screaming at people on Twitter. And as for you smart guy, I know we’re above politics. But the ooze has reached hip level. And there’s no way we can go back to enjoying ‘Star Wars’ while we’re in an actual trash compactor.”

Check out our “Community” reunion with the whole cast in April here. And watch the new #HumanBeingsForBiden video below.