After Election Night itself proved entirely indecisive, almost all the major broadcast and cable news networks continued their coverage into a second night.

Whereas Fox News emerged victorious on Election Night, CNN topped the overall viewership rankings for night 2, drawing 7.1 million viewers in the primetime hours of 8-11 p.m. Fox News wasn’t all that far behind, garnering 6.3 million viewers in the same timeframe for its coverage. MSNBC came third with 4.8 million viewers.

On the broadcast front, NBC drew 3.7 million viewers to ABC’s 2.5 million and CBS’ 2 million.

The tally on Election Night had Fox News at 13.6 million, CNN at just over 9 million, MSNBC at 7.3 million. ABC at 6.1 million, NBC at 5.6 million, and CBS at 4.3 million. Fox switched to its regular “Masked Singer” programming Wednesday, after coming in last place Tuesday with 3.3 million.

Looking at the key news demographic of people aged 25-54, CNN was top there on Wednesday night also, followed by Fox News. NBC managed to beat out fellow NBCU property MSNBC into third place, with ABC and CBS bringing up the rear.

Several of the broadcast networks, namely NBC, CBS and ABC, have once again revised their normal Thursday night schedules to include more election coverage. The three cable news outfits will continue their wall-to-wall coverage.

The final tally for Election Night, according to Nielsen, stood at just under 57 million total viewers across over 20 networks. While still a large number for TV viewership these days, that figure was down roughly 20% on 2016 Election Night, which drew 71.4 million viewers in Nielsen’s final count.