BBC Studios, the principal commercial arm of the BBC, will extend its use of the U.K. government’s furlough scheme for fixed-term contract and pay-as-you-earn freelancers through Aug. 31.

BBC Studios has furloughed some 600 fix-term contract and pay-as-you-earn freelancers working on 70 productions that were paused under government rules, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

It will be reducing the number of those on furlough before the end of July “by bringing them back to work on several productions planned to restart over the coming weeks and months,” BBC Studios said in a statement.

Among the shows that continued were “The One Show,” “Gardeners’ World,” “Countryfile” and “Springwatch” as well as one-off live events like the VE Day 75th Anniversary and “Trooping the Color,” as the official birthday of the British sovereign is known. “Top Gear” has recommenced production and “EastEnders” will begin filming again over the coming weeks with “other productions starting up again as soon as it is practical to do so,” BBC Studios said.

BBC Studios has begun writing directly to those impacted and who have not already returned to work.

In late March, U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced the furlough scheme, wherein the government would pay eligible individuals 80% of their average income over the last three years up to £2,500 ($3,000) a month. The BBC began using the scheme in April.

Once furloughed employees rejoin work part-time from July, employers must resume paying 100% of their wages.

The furlough scheme will end countrywide in October.