Former NBA player Baron Davis and his company UWish and MiMO Studio have partnered to launch MiMO Sports.

The new division is dedicated to creating sports-themed content for kids and families while inspiring positive family values and diverse storytelling.

“MiMO Studio is establishing itself as the creative destination for simple, authentic and diverse kid and family stories,” said Cyma Zarghami, MiMO founder and CEO. “We want to tell great kid stories with the sports they love as the backdrop with characters and athletes that are aspirational. By partnering with an elite athlete and family man like Baron and his UWish company, we are looking to be the creative destination for kid sports stories and pave the way for UWish’s foray into the kids’ content space.”

MiMO Studio will produce a wide range of content types that appeal to kids, including real life stories to sports themed scripted content under the umbrella “Heroes of the Game.” Davis will serve as an executive producer and creative consultant and will also join MiMO’s board of advisors.

“‘Heroes of the Game’ provides an exciting opportunity to expand UWish’s mission of celebrating diverse storytelling in new and engaging ways,” said Davis. “I have known Cyma for a very long time and always wanted to work with her team to create content that shows kids what is possible when they work hard and dream big.”

Davis and MiMO Sports have begun development on an untitled girls’ basketball story that will see Davis take on roles as both actor and executive producer. In the TV movie, the Brothers Smith have always been competitive about everything, and that certainly includes the All Family Basketball Tournament held every year at the Lakeside Resort where their family vacations each summer. Multigenerational bragging rights are a lot more important now that they have their own tweens playing. It may seem like a long shot for Cam (Davis) and his daughters to be able to defeat Kevin and his AAU trained twin boys, but they have a secret weapon…ultimate faith and trust in each other.

Additionally, one of the projects to come out of the newly minted division is a podcast miniseries which will launch with Davis as the first guest and will be an autobiographical story of a hero athlete developed to inspire today’s generation of kids and to serve as guideposts in their own sports journey. The three-part miniseries will feature a different part of an athlete’s life in each episode including their primary years, college and early career, and present day.