Brat TV announced the renewal of “Attaway General” for Season 2, with filming already underway.

The series, which is known for featuring young talent — including TikTok stars like Dixie D’Amelio — follows a group of teenagers who volunteer at the Attaway General Hospital in hopes of preparing for future medical careers. The first season of “Attaway General” premiered on YouTube but is now available on Hulu.

“Too often, Gen Z audiences have to choose between the talent they follow and the shows they
stream — and Attaway General offers the best of both worlds,” said Brat TV co-founder Rob Fishman in a statement.

Social media stars Madi Monroe, Lauren Kettering and Eric Montanez will return for the second season. D’Amelio, another of the show’s main cast members, will not feature in the series past Season 1, however. The influencer, whose acting career began with “Attaway General,” is unable to take part in the show due to her focus on original music, according to Brat TV.

New cast members for the upcoming season include actor McKenzi Brooke and YouTube beauty vlogger Brendan Jordan, as well as TikTok creators Kio Cyr and Rave Vanias. The updated cast will continue the show’s narrative surrounding a volunteer program, but this time with new cases and patients portrayed by guest stars — Sky Brown, a 12-year old who skateboards professionally, and Artyon Celestine, a dancer.

Camille Stochitch will continue to direct the series into Season 2.

“Attaway General” has already clocked in at over 40 million views with just one season. Brat TV is available on YouTube and has expanded for accessibility through Hulu, Roku, Tubi and Samsung televisions. The studio is also known for shows like “Chicken Girls” and “Total Eclipse.”