Josh Gad won’t say he’s in love with the idea of Ariana Grande playing Meg in the upcoming “Hercules” live-action remake, OK, maybe he will.

Grande recently belted out Meg’s swooning love ballad during ABC’s “Disney Family Singalong,” and Gad, who of course has plenty of clout in the Disney universe, would certainly not be opposed to seeing her fully take on the role on the big screen. All casting speculation is not likely to be more than just that anytime soon, given that the project was only just announced.

“She would amazing as Meg, she would be perfect, I would love to see that happen,” Gad told Variety in an interview.

As for whether Gad himself might throw his hat into the ring for a role, say that of Philoctetes, the actor shut down the notion pretty firmly, adding that Herc’s iconic mentor might be best left to the person who originally voiced him.

“I am good, I feel like I definitely have had and continue to have an incredible run of projects with the Disney company, but I don’t think anyone wants to see me take on yet another role in a live-action remake of an animated movie,” Gad said. “I personally think they should just cast Danny DeVito again, that’s seems to me the best option.”

“Hercules” is the latest Disney animated classic to be getting the live-action treatment, after the likes of “The Jungle Book,” “Aladdin,” “Mulan” and “Beauty and the Beast,” in which Gad starred as Le Fou.

Gad slipped back into the character for the aforementioned “Singalong,” performing a hearty rendition of “Gaston” alongside his partner in crime Luke Evans and Alan Menken. He is slated the reprise the role yet again for a “Beauty and the Beast” prequel series which is in the works at Disney Plus, adding to his lengthy list of Disney credits, which also includes a certain snowman from “Frozen” and the upcoming “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” sequel.

This latest re-telling of the Greek mythological character’s story has “Avengers” filmmakers Joe and Anthony Russo producing through their AGBO production company. Disney has also hired “The Expendables” scribe Dave Callaham to pen the film.