AMC Networks said it would offer free production and creative services to advertisers who signed up to use a new suite of branded-content offerings, a new sign of how the coronavirus pandemic has strained the flow of advertising to traditional media outlets.

AMC Networks had intended to launch a new “Content Room” as a means of luring sponsors to its programming as part of the industry’s annual “upfront” ad-sales market. Now, it is offering some of its capabilities as “value added” elements to marketers willing to strike new ad deals. AMC said a dozen advertisers had struck agreements to use the new “Content Room.”

“Like everything else, the advertising industry changed virtually overnight, and we are pleased to offer a full suite of resources exclusively for our partners, along with our deep audience knowledge and how and where to engage viewers in a meaningful way, ” said Kim Kelleher, president of commercial revenue and partnerships, AMC Networks, in a statement.

Among the ad types AMC is offering are public-service announcements that echo recent Ad Council messages touting recommendations about coronavirus response from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control; messages that air at 7 p.m. honoring first responders; ads crafted for brands in need of timelier creative in response to industry changes with 24-hour prodeuction turnaround; and long-form “brand films” that can debut within original series and prime-time films.

While many buying and sales executives believe this year’s upfront market will be slow and splintered, AMC Networks will continue to make outreach to clients. The company unveiled a new online sales hub that serves as a destination for advertisers to explore options and gain information about offerings.  The hub includes  to help “The Screening Room,” an invite only extensive digital library of AMCN originals for clients to screen full series, preview new content and explore ad opportunities.