“Jeopardy!” has announced that it will air a retrospective series starting July 20, rebroadcasting memorable moments from throughout the show’s 36 years on air.

The popular quiz show’s four-week series will feature 20 episodes, including the show’s 1984 premiere, which features Alex Trebek. The beloved gameshow host has been on board for all of the show’s seasons since its revival.

Each week of the series follows a theme, with the first week focusing on the show’s first decade, while the second week will be dedicated to celebrity episodes. The show’s premiere will air alongside rebroadcasts of episodes starring the first record-setting contestant and “super-champion” during the first week.

The final two weeks of the rebroadcast series will follow the 2002 Million Dollar Masters competition, where contestants from the show’s first 18 seasons returned to compete against each other.

“What is incredible about ‘JEOPARDY!’ is that it has historical importance while remaining culturally relevant today,” said Executive Producer Mike Richards in a press release. “I know our fans will love the nostalgia while still enjoying the gameplay.”

The dip into “JEOPARDY!” archives will give viewers access to content as they await the show’s 37th season approaches its Sept 7. premiere, with some of the episodes having only ever been aired once before.

The show’s upcoming season will feature episodes recorded without an audience, on account of the COVID-19 pandemic. Travel issues, age demographics and Trebek’s battle with stage 4 pancreatic cancer played a role in the decision to remove audiences from the newest recordings, a source told Variety in March.