Sara Curran’s Tricycle Talent has taken a minority stake in up-and-coming Los Angeles-based talent firm Moondust Management.

Launched by former YMU Group executive Kamla Pande (pictured, left) earlier this year, the outfit represents a variety of emerging and established digital-first entrepreneurs and personalities, and specializes in brand sponsorship and endorsements, product development and licensing, as well as original content development and distribution.

Current clients include travel expert and host Kiersten Rich; lifestyle video creator and parenting influencer Nikki Phillippi; Panic! At The Disco musician Nicole Row; DJ and podcaster Brandi Cyrus; and former Real Housewives of Orange County cast member and influencer Jo De La Rosa.

Prior to launching Moondust, Pande was head of partnerships at YMU Group, which was previously known as the James Grant Group, focusing on branded partnerships for music and digital-first clients. Prior to this, Pande worked in branded content at early fashion MCN and RTL-owned StyleHaul. Before that, she was director of sales development at Disney-acquired Maker Studios.

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to again team up with Sara and the incredibly talented team at Tricycle Talent,” said Pande. “Giving my clients access to the tools, resources and relationships that will help grow their businesses and fuel their passions has always been job number one. With the impressive team and verticalized expertise at Tricycle, our growth potential is unparalleled.”

Tricycle is the talent management collective founded by media veteran Sara Curran in January 2019. The company provides management in books, music, digital, voices, film, television and, more recently, sports, with the launch of Kudos Sports Management. Earlier this year, Tricycle also invested in new talent management firm Peach House.

Curran (pictured, right) was previously managing director at James Grant Group, now known as YMU, which is the U.K.’s largest talent management company. Prior to that, Curran worked at Working Title Films, Universal Pictures and Polygram Filmed Entertainment.

“I was delighted to get a call from Kamla to hear her vision for Moondust,” said Curran. “Being at three-lettered agencies isn’t for everyone. At Tricycle we believe in empowering diverse and entrepreneurial agents, managers and talent to take control of how they do business and with whom. This is the fourth initiative that we have backed where one of the founders was from YMU, so there’s great excitement getting to work together again. With the additional resources from Tricycle, the growth opportunities for Moondust Management are unlimited.”