Nominations for the 48th annual British Documentary Awards, known as the Griersons, include episode two of Netflix docuseries “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness,” Waad Al-Kateab and Edward Watts’ Oscar-nominated and BAFTA-winning “For Sama,” and a best presenter nod for David Olusoga for “The Unwanted: The Secret Windrush Files.”

The awards are given by The Grierson Trust. Of the 52 nominated films, 21 were broadcast on BBC channels. Netflix has nine nominations and Channel 4 has five. ITV and Al Jazeera have two apiece while YouTube Originals, Channel 5, National Geographic and Discovery have one each.

Lorraine Heggessey, chair of The Grierson Trust, said: “This has been a difficult year for the production community and particularly for freelancers, so it’s more important than ever to recognize and celebrate the excellence of so many talented filmmakers, whether they are newcomers or established global names. These nominations demonstrate the relevance and versatility of documentaries, with their ability to highlight a wide range of contemporary issues and bring new stories to the screens on well-established channels as well as on newer platforms.”

The awards are supported by All3Media and category sponsors include Envy, The Open University, Storm, Channel 5, Sargent-Disc, Discovery, Netflix, Channel 4, BFI Doc Society Fund, The Rumi Foundation, Warner Bros. Television Production and BBC. New supporters include YouTube Originals and Real Stories, while Little Dot Studios is the digital broadcast partner for the event on Nov. 10.

The full list of nominations:

Envy Best Single Documentary – Domestic

“The Family Secret”
Anna Hall, Sally Ogden, Luke Rothery & Brian Woods for Candour Productions
Channel 4

“Suicidal: In Our Own Words”
Rachel Harvie, David DeHaney, Emmanuel Ayettey & Iain Pettifer for Proper Content
Channel 5

“Tell Me Who I Am”
Production team at Lightbox

“War in the Blood”
Arthur Cary, Morgan Matthews, Ben Brown & Saskia Rusher for Minnow Films

The Open University Best Single Documentary – International

“Crip Camp”
Nicole Newnham, Jim LeBrecht, Sara Bolder, Howard Gertler, Priya Swaminathan & Tonia Davis for A Higher Ground & Rusted Spoke Production in association with Little Punk, JustFilms & Ford Foundation

“The Day California Burned”
Sarah Waldron, Fiona Stourton, Dan Edge, Ella Newton & Jane McMullen for Brook Lapping Productions & BBC Current Affairs London

“The Great Hack”
Production team at A Noujaim Films Production & an othrs Production

“Untouchable: The Rise and Fall of Harvey Weinstein”
Ursula Macfarlane, Simon Chinn, Jonathan Chinn, Poppy Dixon & Andy R Worboys for Lightbox

Real Stories Best Current Affairs Documentary

“Al Jazeera Investigations: Diplomats for Sale”
Production team at Al Jazeera Media Network
Al Jazeera

“Sex for Grades”
Kiki Mordi, Kemi Alabi, Chiara Francavilla, Charlie Northcott, Andy Bell & Marc Perkins for BBC World Service
BBC Africa

“Undercover with the Clerics”
Paddy Wells, Mais Al-Bayaa, Nawal Al Maghafi, Monica Garnsey & Chris Mitchell for BBC News Arabic
BBC News Arabic

“Undercover: Inside China’s Digital Gulag”
Robin Barnwell, Gesbeen Mohammad, Guy Creasey, David Henshaw & Simon Russell for Hardcash Productions

Storm Best Arts or Music Documentary

“The Black Godfather”
Reginald Hudlin, Nicole Avant, Byron Phillips, Nelson George, Catrin Rodgers & Andrew Fried for Boardwalk Pictures & Hudlin Entertainment

“Imagine… Edna O’Brien: Fearful and Fearless”
Katy Homan, Tanya Hudson, Jude Suggett & Alan Yentob for BBC Studios

“Show Me the Picture: The Story of Jim Marshall”
Alfred George Bailey, Adam Biskupski, Ian Arber, Tatiana Kennedy, Arno Hazebroek & Nicolas Sampson for Bailey Kennedy Production
General theatrical release

“Terms and Conditions: A U.K. Drill Story”
Brian Hill, Kandise Abiola, Katie Bailiff, Fraser T Smith & Stuart Briggs for Century Films
YouTube Originals

Channel 5 Best Historical Documentary

“Apollo 11”
Todd Douglas Miller, Thomas Petersen, Evan Krauss & Stephen Slater for Statement Pictures
General theatrical release

“Crip Camp”
Nicole Newnham, Jim LeBrecht, Sara Bolder, Howard Gertler, Priya Swaminathan & Tonia Davis for A Higher Ground & Rusted Spoke Production in association with Little Punk, JustFilms & Ford Foundation

“A House Through Time – Episode 1”
Eleanor Scoones, Katie Greening, Justin Badger, Mary Crisp & Maxine Watson for Twenty Twenty Productions

“Jade: The Reality Star Who Changed Britain – Episode 1”
Robert Coldstream, Clare Cameron, Justin Badger, Jane Greaves & Edmund Coulthard for Blast! Films
Channel 4

Sargent-Disc Best Science Documentary

“The Big Picture – The World According to AI: The Bias in the Machine”
Sanjiev Johal, Cori Crider, Nicholas Muirhead, Ryan Kohls, Sean Griffin & Denise Lister for Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera

“Einstein’s Quantum Riddle”
Jamie Lochhead, David Dugan, Clementine Cheetham & Alastair Auld for Windfall Films
BBC Four

“Mad Cow Disease: The Great British Beef Scandal”
Will Lorimer, James Gold, Liesel Evans & Pamela McIntyre for RAW

“War in the Blood”
Arthur Cary, Morgan Matthews, Ben Brown, Saskia Rusher & Andrew Phillips for Minnow Films

Discovery Best Natural History Documentary

“The Last Igloo”
Christian Collerton, Will Grayburn, Joe Evans, Neil Crombie, Adam Simons & Mick Duffield for Swan Films
BBC Four

“Seven Worlds, One Planet: Antarctica”
Jonny Keeling, Fredi Devas, Dave Pearce, Abigail Lees, Michael Becker & Scott Alexander for BBC Studios Natural History Unit

“The Story of Plastic”
Deia Schlosberg, Kyle Cadotte, Megan Ponder, Stiv Wilson, Tony Hale & Brian Wilson for The Story of Stuff Project in association with React to Film

“Tigers: Hunting the Traffickers”
Laura Warner, Jo Prichard, Guy Creasey, Monica Garnsey, Anna Murphy & Orlando Von Einsiedel for Grain Media

YouTube Originals Best Entertaining Documentary

“The Dog House” – Episode 3
Nick Mirsky, Anna Llewellyn, Morgana Pugh, Claire Parry, Katie Brimblecombe & Tom Bowman for Five Mile Films
Channel 4

“Love is Blind”
Production team at Kinetic Content

“The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan: Zimbabwe”
Romesh Ranganathan, Emily Hudd, Morgan Roberts, Chris Cottam & Andy Linton for Rumpus Media

“Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” – Episode 2
Rebecca Chaiklin, Eric Goode, Chris Smith, Doug Abel, Dylan Hansen-Fliedner & Nicholas Biagetti for Goode Films Production in association with Library Films & Article 19 Films

Netflix Best Documentary Series

“The Devil Next Door”
Production team at One Man Show & Submarine Deluxe Production in association with Yes Studios

“Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer”
Mark Lewis, Felicity Morris, Dimitri Doganis, Adam Hawkins, Michael Harte & Bjorn Johnson for RAW

“Hometown: A Killing”
Jeremy Lee, Wes Thomas & Catey Sexton for Forest & 7 Wonder
BBC Three

“Jade: The Reality Star Who Changed Britain”
Robert Coldstream, Clare Cameron, Justin Badger, Jane Greaves & Edmund Coulthard for Blast! Films
Channel 4

Channel 4 Best Constructed Documentary Series

“Long Lost Family”
Sally Benton, Clare Bradbury, Susie Attwood, Rick Barker & Johnny Wagener for Wall to Wall Media

“The Rap Game”
Tom O’Brien, Simon Andreae, Tom Whitrow, Lianne Hickey & Susie Dark for Naked
BBC Three

“The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes”
Benjamin Leigh, Trish Powell, Murray Boland, Martin Oxley, Louise Bartmann & Neil Cornish/ Dan Gulley for CPL Productions & Motion Content Group
Channel 4

“Who Are You Calling Fat?”
Sara Ramsden, Charlotte Armstrong, Oliver Manley & Nicholas Packer for Love Productions

BFI Doc Society Fund Best Cinema Documentary

“American Factory”
Production team at Higher Ground Productions & Participant Media for Netflix
General theatrical release

“For Sama”
Waad al Kateab, Ed Watts, Nevine Mabro, Ben de Pear, Siobhan Sinnerton & George Waldrum for Channel 4 News & ITN Productions for Channel 4 & PBS Frontline
General theatrical release

Tamara Kotevska, Ljubomir Stefanov & Atanas Georgiev
General theatrical release

“Midnight Family”
Luke Lorentzen & Kellen Quinn
General theatrical release

The Rumi Foundation Best Documentary Short

“Country Girl”
Ellen Evans, Pearl Doughty-White & Lisa Marie-Russo –
Open City Docs Film Festival

“Lost & Found”
Orlando von Einsiedel & Harri Grace for National Geographic Documentary Films Presents in association with The Nobel Prize, a Rideback & Grain Media Production
National Geographic

“That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore”
Hannah Currie & Beth Allan for Forest of Black & SDI – Bridging the Gap
Edinburgh International Film Festival

“Witness: The Mortician of Manila”
Leah Borromeo, Laura Shacham, Katharine Round, James Scott, Joshua Reyles & Jamie Perera for Disobedient Films & Al Jazeera Witness
Sheffield Doc/Fest

All3Media Best Student Documentary

Sara Montoya Sepulveda, Mel Barnes, Rachel Roberts, Ethan Jeffrey, Breen Turner & Marco Valerio Caminiti for NFTS
University/College screening

“Bringing Home the Blubber”
Molly Adams for London College of Communication
University/College screening

“Inside a Marriage”
Ben Cheetham & Margred Pryce for NFTS
University/College screening

“Miss Curvy”
Ghada Eldemellawy & Gareth Pugh for NFTS
University/College screening

Warner Bros Television Production Best Documentary Presenter

David Olusoga for “The Unwanted: The Secret Windrush Files”
Uplands Television

Emily Maitlis for “Prince Andrew & the Epstein Scandal: The Newsnight Interview”
BBC Newsnight

Mobeen Azhar for “Hometown: A Killing”
Forest & 7 Wonder
BBC Three

Stacey Dooley for “Stacey Dooley: On the Psych Ward”
True Vision
BBC Three