‘The Cleaning Lady’s’ Jaque Content Brings ‘Fatima,’ ‘The Hate Farm’ to Conecta Fiction (EXCLUSIVE)

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Argentina and Mexico-based Jaque Content, originator of suspense drama series “La Chica Que Limpia” (“The Cleaning Lady”), now the subject of a Fox U.S. pilot remake, has unveiled plans to produce a horror movie, “Fátima,” as well as “The Hate Farm” (“La Granja del Odio”), an allegorical cyber war thriller.

“The Hate Farm” is one of 12 drama series projects selected for this week’s CoPro pitching sessions, the main industry showcase at Spain’s Conecta Fiction, Europe’s biggest Latin America TV co-production forum.

Produced by Jaque Content and Mexico City-based Kuter Casa Productora, “Fátima” joins a rapidly building lineup of projects that Jaque Content has been developing out of Mexico, such as 10-part series “Zafiros en la Piel,” an adaptation of the eponymous Argentine novel, co-produced with “Instructions Not Included” producer Mónica Lozano.

Jaque Content has also boarded Tatiana Huezo’s feature “Noche de Fuego,” from “Roma” producer Nicolás Celis and one of the most anticipated film titles from Mexico expected to world premiere in the first half of 2021.

Working a Mexico-Argentina axis, like “Záfiros en la Piel,” “Fátima” is being written by Mexico’s Norma Lazo a scribe on Netflix/Story House series “Tijuana.”

“Fátima” will be directed by Santiago Fernández Calvete, a multi-prized Argentine genre auteur whose career takes in 2012 feature debut “Second Death,” a moody rural procedural-cum-mystery chiller; 2015’s “Intimate Witness,” a more classic Hitchcockian thriller; and 2020’s vampire film “Sangre Vurdulak,” a reflection on family dynamics.

It tells the story of the Escribano family, which lives cut off from the rest of the world so as to protect it from evil, according to its patriarch Mateo. A fanatical Bible reader, Mateo is empowered by the patriarchal society he is a part of, and keeps his family under an iron grip.

“Fátima” “reflects a reality which many women live in, subjected to a structure of patriarchal education that assumes, as a given, that the father and/or head of the family has the right to inflict genre violence,” Lazo said in a written statement, noting that in Mexico alone, 64% of gender violence against women is committed by a partner or former partner. Between 9-10 women are murdered daily, according to United Nations statistics, she added.

Elsewhere, Jaque Content is also attached to “The Hate Farm.”

Created by Jaque Content and Argentine directors Gustavo Cornillón (“Instrucciones para la poligamia”) and Marcelo Politano, (aka Who Filmmaker), director of comedy feature “Soy tu Karma,” “The Hate Farm” will be directed by Who Filmmaker and produced by Jaque Content’s Paola Suárez.

It revolves around Mery-Lo, a celebrity online hater interned against her will in a rehabilitation center for digital addicts. There she’s recruited to work for and eventually lead an army of Generation Z hackers, freaks, cyber criminals, trolls and YouTubers united to launch a cyber war against government’s corruption-sodden intelligence services.

Envisaged as a four-season, 10-episode thriller, “The Hate Farm” is inspired by real-life contemporary events, taking place in a world whose political scenario is dominated by information and communication technology and where any intelligence service uses hackers, trolls, social network monitors and false news, said directors Cornillón and Who Filmmaker.

They added that the series also anticipates a world where Generation Z centennials battle to replace an old order that, given extended life expectancy, has no intention of abandoning power.

Based out of Argentinian city Cordoba as well as Mexico City, Jaque Content has seen the Mexican remake of “The Cleaning Lady,” produced with BTF Media, become a banner Spanish-language title on Turner Latin America’s 2020 original series slate. Barcelona-based company Fasten Films has also optioned Spanish and Portuguese adaptation rights to “The Cleaning Lady,” whose original also won a Martín Fierro Federal Award for best series in Argentina. It was pre-selected to the International Emmy Awards in 2018.

Conecta Fiction takes place on site and online in Pamplona, northern Spain, over Sept. 1-3.

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