Argentina’s First Post-COVID 19 Series ‘Post Mortem’ to Stream Oct. 8 (EXCLUSIVE)

Post Mortem
Credit: Mariano C Rosselli/StoryLab

Argentina’s StoryLab and Telecom SVOD platform Flow have announced that the country’s first new post-COVID 19 series, “Post Mortem,” will be available to stream on Oct. 8.

Starring Julieta Zylberberg (“Wild Tales”), Esteban Pérez and Alejandro Awada (“Nine Queens”), “Post Mortem” is created and produced by Nacho Viale and Diego Palacio for StoryLab in co-production with TECtv, the channel of Argentina’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. Palacio directs the screenplays written by Lucas Molteni and Luciana Porchietto.

“’Post Mortem’ is a strong bet by StoryLab, and we are proud to be able to launch a fiction series of this quality at a time and in a place where we badly need to tell new stories and see actors back on screen. This was a great team effort that we can now celebrate together with Flow,” said Palacio.

“Post Mortem” turns on a pair of Buenos Aires journalists, Florencia Rodra (Zylberberg) and Guillermo O’Reilly (Pérez), tasked by their editor with covering the crime beat. Forensic scientist Gregorio escorts the two to the scene of several violent crimes, inspiring Florence to begin cataloging the events.

Through her work, the writer begins to uncover forgotten trauma, and with the help of her best friend Rita and colleague Guillermo, readies herself to confront long forgotten ghosts and seek out justice.

Blurring the lines of fiction and fact, “Post Mortem” features interviews with real forensic experts cut alongside scripted scenes to ask several questions: Is there such a thing as the perfect crime? How does a person become a killer? And how do we define justice?

“The series is based on real cases, although obviously, for legal reasons, we’ve changed the names. That gives this fiction series a realism, especially combined with the actors interviewing real forensic scientists who have impacted the history of police work in Argentina,” said Viale.

“Everything they say is 100% real based on their own experience. The questions come from real journalists and the aesthetic is stripped down to look like an interview you might see on the BBC,” Palacio added.

More than just a commentary on the criminal justice system, the series will ask serious questions about journalism, and how the truth is presented and reported on today in Argentina.

“Their editor is a someone whose job it is to change the medium into something which is attractive to a broader audience. They start in a traditional medium, but he is looking to create content that brings in more revenue and they start doing these video interviews that get very popular,” Palacio explained.

Global sales rights for the series are available, outside of Argentina’s OTT window.

The strategic co-production drive initiated at Argentine cable operator Cablevisión, now merged with telco Telecom, has seen the company invest in 22 shows over three years, helping to power the subscriber base at Telecom up to over five million household connections, said Telecom director of programming Antonio Álvarez.

Founded in 2013 by Viale and Palacio, StoryLab leapt to fame by producing Netflix’s first series in Argentina, “Estocolmo.” Its credits include “La Casa del Mar,” backed by DirecTV, Santiago Mitre’s 2015 Cannes Critics’ Week winner “Paulina,” and “Submerso” co-produced with Plural Films, Jaque Content, Prisma and Paramount Channel.

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Post Mortem Credit: Mariano C Rosselli/StoryLab