Blink Film, the BAFTA award-winning production outfit specializing in non-fiction entertainment, will premiere its two latest animal-focused documentaries on PBS’ primetime science showcase NOVA on Feb. 12 and 19.

Written and directed by Pete Chinn (“How the Earth was Made”), the films “Cat Tales” and “Dog Tales” will each run 60 minutes, and will include interviews with scientists, geneticists, veterinarians, and even archaeologists as they trace the journey that brought the canine and feline out of the wild and into our homes.

“Despite humans looking after cats and dogs as pets and close companions for thousands of years, there is still a huge amount most of us don’t know about them, and about how we have both shaped our lives with each other during that time,” said Dan Chambers, co-founder and creative director at Blink Films.

“These programs will be a fascinating and revealing look at the closest relationships we have with animals.”

Blink has recently produced six-part natural history series such as “Meet the Chimps” for Disney Plus, and “The Creative Mind” for Netflix, as well as the three-part history series “Unforgotten” for BBC Two. They’re currently working on commissions from Travel Channel, Smithsonian Channel, and the U.K.’s Channel 4.

“Dog Tales” and “Cat Tales” are NOVA Productions by Blink Films for WGBH Boston in association with BBC. Executive producers are Dan Chambers and Dan Gold for Blink Films, and Julia Cort and Chris Schmidt for NOVA. Blink Films was acquired by Tin Roof Media in 2016.