Lime Pictures Launches Investigation After ‘Hollyoaks’ Star Speaks Out on Racism on Set

Rachel Adedeji

Lime Pictures, the producer of U.K. soap “Hollyoaks,” has launched an investigation after star Rachel Adedeji alleged she witnessed racism on the Channel 4 show.

The actress, who has played Lisa Loveday in “Hollyoaks” since 2016, posted a statement on social media last week about her time on the soap.

She claims she was once told “you’re all the same” by a make-up artist, and that black female actresses were told to drastically change their hair because otherwise viewers “would not be able to tell them apart”.

Adedeji has appeared in more than 200 episodes of the show, but said in her four years on the soap she had only worked with one black director.

“Working at ‘Hollyoaks’ is mostly positive, but the experiences I have encountered are a constant reminder of how difficult it is being a black woman in the industry,” Adedeji said. “I am no longer standing for it.”

In a statement today, Lime Pictures said: “’Hollyoaks’ has been deeply shocked and saddened by issues that have been brought to our attention over the weekend.”

The production company said it has “zero tolerance on racism” but has “further work to do”.

Lime said it is setting out a number of next steps, which include:

  • Reaching out to all cast and staff that have raised matters to address individual issues and concerns
  • Asking all cast, staff and freelancers to share any further issues of concern or instances of unacceptable behavior they have not previously raised
  • Working with unconscious bias trainers
  • BAME staff, freelancers and cast to be offered mentoring from Lime’s senior management
  • Reviewing BAME writers and directors schemes
  • An in-depth review of company and cast liaisons across Lime

Lime Pictures, which is owned by All3Media, added: “We are very conscious that we need to do more and are committed to making changes that we need to make. The onus is upon our company collectively and us all as individuals within our community to tackle racism, and it is a responsibility which all of us here at ‘Hollyoaks’ are taking on fully.”