Movistar Plus’ first U.S. co-production, “Tell Me Who I Am,” produced with Telemundo, has been sold by Germany’s Beta Film to HBO Latin America, a deal announced today during the sales company’s pioneering live virtual pitching event – Beta Summer Insights.

In addition to the Latin American deal, Telemundo’s boarding production at last year’s Natpe ensured U.S. distribution for the series as well.

One of Movistar Plus’ biggest gambles since moving into original production, deals for U.S. and Latin American distribution look like promising early payback, and that payout is likely.

Based on the popular Spanish novel “Dime Quien Soy” from writer Julia Navarro, the series takes place across multiple decades of the 20th century, kicking off when 30-something internet journalist Javier is tasked by his aunt to investigate the life of his great-grandmother, Amelia Garayoa, who left her husband and son behind her as she fled Spain as a result of the Spanish Civil War in 1936.

Amelia, played by Spanish Academy Goya winning actor Irene Escolar, becomes embroiled in some of the most important historical events of the century including Franco’s ascent in Spain, the uprising and liberation of Berlin, the rise of Stalin’s communist U.S.S.R., the barbarity of Warsaw’s ghettos, Rome in the final years of Mussolini and the decline of Nazi Germany in occupied Athens.

With a foot in both the past and future, “Tell Me Who I Am” sees Europe’s recent history personified in Amelia, a woman constantly dealing with the consequences of her own contradictory actions and desire – remarkable for the age she loved in – to be a woman who steers her own destiny.

Movistar head of original programming Domingo Corral executive, who leads a live-feed presentation of the series during the Beta Summer Insights,  produces with José Manuel Lorenzo of DLO Productions and Marcos Santana from Telemundo International Studios. Eduard Cortés directed all eight episodes, adapted by screenwriter Piti Español.

As with other recent Movistar Plus series, “Tell Me Who I Am” show Telefonica’s pay/SVOD service expanding the geographic reach of its series’ action. None does this so dramatically, however, as “Tell Me Who I Am.”

Much of the series was shot at real historical sites with some cast and crew traveling to as many as 300 locations across nine countries: Spain, Italy, Greece, Argentina, Russia, Germany, Poland, France and England. The series boasts a cast of 160 actors and more than 3,000 extras.

Movistar Plus dropped the first trailer for the series last week and announced the show will head to air this fall.