Zodiak Kids, a Banijay company based in London and Paris, is teaming with Finnish animation studio Gigglebug Entertainment on an all new series “The Unstoppable Yellow Yeti,” commissioned by Disney Channel Europe, Middle East and Africa and Nordic broadcasters YLE in Finland, DR in Denmark, NRK in Norway, and SVT in Sweden.

The show was originally created by Gigglebug Entertainment creative director Joonas Utti and CEO Anttu Harlin. Zodiak Kids boarded early on, co-developing the new IP with Gigglebug Entertainment and Disney EMEA. Production kicked off this summer, headed by Utti and Harlin who co-direct and produce. Zodiak Kids Studios head of content development Gary Milne is on board as a creative producer, while Zodiak CEO Benoit di Sabatino from Zodiak Kids and Anttu Harlin from Gigglebug Entertainment will executive produce. Zodiak Kids holds international distribution rights.

Described as an “offbeat comedy series set in a quirky little town above the Arctic Circle, where it is winter all-year-round, and monsters are strictly forbidden,” “The Unstoppable Yellow Yeti” tracks the exploits and adventures of three friends, surfer dude Osmo, his unflappable cousin Rita and of course, the titular unstoppable Yellow Yeti.

“The unstoppable Yellow Yeti is a top comedy IP we have been successfully developing with Gigglebug and Disney EMEA for a couple of years,” explained Sabatino. “We are so proud to greenlight the production and give birth to this series with such quality partners all over the world.”

“At Gigglebug we aim to positively impact the lives of children around the world by spreading joy through our work, and no character is more outrageously delightful than the Yellow Yeti himself!” added Harlin, “The coming together of Zodiak, Disney, YLE and our creative team at Gigglebug has been great fun and together we look forward to sharing with kids everywhere our exuberant fish-out-of-water comedy about the power of friendship and belonging.”