Discovery U.K. has rebranded its free-to-air channels, including Quest, Quest Red, Really, HGTV, Food Network and DMAX to align them with dplay, Discovery’s ad-funded streaming service.

Discovery said the rebrand was born out of research that “highlighted the popularity of dplay amongst consumers and its potential as a unifying umbrella brand for the linear channel brands.” The company added that it would facilitate “a frictionless transition between the on-air channels and between the linear and streaming brands.”

The branding work was created in-house by Discovery Creative London, based on a refresh of Dplay Nordics by Red Bee Creative last year.

Rebecca Diver Phillips, VP brand strategy, said: “We are proud to unveil a new visual identity for our free-to-air channels. With dplay serving as the unifying brand, it allows viewers to navigate our content across all platforms in a seamless and entertaining way. We are particularly pleased to have been able launch it at this time, while our ‘stay home heroes’ are tuning in to our channels to watch the programs they know and love.”