U.K. broadcaster Channel 4 has commissioned Wonderhood Studios for a documentary series with the working title “Baby Surgeons.”

The series will explore the journeys parents go through to save their babies during complex pregnancies and will feature cutting-edge baby surgeries, some performed inside the womb. It will also use CGI, MRI and Ultrasound to enhance the view of babies during these procedures.

Channel 4 documentary commissioner Alisa Pomeroy commissioned the series. James W. Newton (“Heart Transplant: A Chance to Live”) will direct. Wonderhood’s chief creative officer Samantha Antiss and in-house producer Katharine Patrick will serve as executive producers.

Pomeroy said: “The series will no doubt offer up both a fascinating and emotionally challenging insight into the extremely delicate and highly complex medical support that is provided to all those concerned.”

Wonderhood has secured access to London’s St. George’s Hospital, a center for specialist fetal care.

Newton said: “It’s sensitive access, but the team here are really supportive and my hope is that these deeply personal stories will show how, when it comes to having a baby, there are often no right or wrong choices.”

Professor Basky Thilaganathan, Clinical Director for the Fetal Medicine Unit at St. George’s, said: “This series is a fantastic opportunity to shine a light on the experiences of families we treat at St. George’s, as well as the many different staff and specialist teams involved in their care.”

Wonderhood was started in 2018 by ex-Channel 4 CEO David Abraham. Credits include “Eat the Years” and “Trump in Tweets.”