As Argentina state film finance has dwindled, Argentine writers and directors are looking ever more to drama series creation as an alternative. MipCancun caught Argentine talent pitching 10 projects that have been awarded development coin by Argentina’s INCAA film-TV agency. That came two weeks before Ventana Sur, which will debate the role of the series show runner.

A drill down on project details:

“Dead Trees” (“Los árboles muertos,” Ana Piterbag, Cinema 7 Films, Los Andes Cine)
Directed by Ana Piterbag (“We All Have a Plan”, “Alptraun”), “Dead Trees” has the look and feel of a Patagonia Noir, set in a remote Argentine village. A fantasy-laced thriller spiced, produced by Cinema 7 Films and Argentina’s Los Andes Cine. Cinema 7 Films last project, “A Life of Speed: The Juan Manuel Fangio Story,” premiered on Netflix in March.

“You Have Reached Your Destination,” (“Has llegado a tu destino,” Nah! Contenidos)
A technological romantic comedy exploring couples’ dilemmas with gadgets, which figure as a catalyst in the film’s narrative. “You Have Reached Your Destination” focuses on everyday-life with a near-future twist. Both an advertising and TV-formats production company, Nah! Contenidos has worked for Marvel in Latin American branding and developed TV-Formats for DisneyXD.

“Two Little Birds” (“Dos pajaritos,” Alfredo Soderguit, Alejo Schettini, Can Can Club).
“Simple and with a strong visual concept,” is how directors Alfredo Soderguit and Alejo Schettini define their project. A hit at Ventana Sur’s Animation! ”Two Little Birds” follows two adventurous birds in a physical comedy made using traditional 2D animation combined with practical stop-motion settings and props. The duo aim to produce 20 episodes by Dec. 2020. Can Can Club has performed animation for major advertising companies such as BBDO and Leo Burnett.

“Bad Mother” (“Mala Madre,” El Calefón SRL).
Featuring three strong female characters, “Bad Mother” is a small-town drama mixed with a law-enforcement thriller unspooling largely in a courtroom. There, a mother, her lawyer and the prosecutor face off over a maternity case. Independent production company El Calefón’s recent productions include 2018 Berlin, San Sebastián and Guadalajara awarded film “Ciencias naturales.”

“Ivana and The Guardians of Music” (“Ivana y los guardianes de la música,” Onceloops Media).
Having already secured a co-production deal with Colombia’s Caracol TV, independent Onceloops Media is the production wing of Onceloops Records. Set in a fantasy world, it turns on the search for true-hearted musicians played by two teenagers sisters. Intended for a younger audience, this series mixes music and character-driven narratives to create something new to the Argentine market.

“Mystery Network” (“Red Misterio,” Caramba Estudio)
Aimed at 6-10s, “Mystery Network” is an animated series which follows the adventures of a group of young paranormal journalists searching for strange stories. Mixing adventure with humor, it’s produced by Caramba Studios, which has previously worked for NBC Universal, National Geographic and MTV among others.

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Dead Trees

“Streets of Fire” (“Calles de Fuego,” AVI Films)
Another series for younger audiences, “Streets of Fire” is an adolescent drama about fitting in, coming-of-age and finding a path in life. The series follows young adults on the freestyle rap and trap music scene, telling a story meant to accurately reflect the lives of Latin Americans. Produced by AVI Films, a company with co-development deals with the likes of About Premium Content Kids and Germany’s Night Train Media.

“Move Out” (“Mudanza,” Matías Rojo, Año Luz Cine).
With a first season already finished and having secured a partner in the U.S., “Move Out” weaves an intimate story about mid-life changes which can lead to crisis. Año Luz Cine’s last co-produced project, “La calma,” was selected by the FAVA (Federación Audiovisual Argentina) to represent Argentina at Cannes’ 2020 online Marché Du Film.

“Return” (“Retorno,” Jaque Content).
Mixing a drop of fantasy into a thriller-adventure drama series, “Return” tells the story of a journalist reporting on the return of the indigenous god Quetzalcoatl. Featuring Mexico’s ancient Anáhuac civilization, the series mixes history with mysticism.  Based in Argentina and Mexico, Jaque Content scored heavily with “The Cleaning Lady,” now being reversioned in Spain, Mexico and the U.S.

“Fornicario” (Astrolab).
With a pilot shot in February, pre-COVID, this detective thriller focuses on the creation and inner workings of an underground sexual cult and the people who want in. Shifting from its usual target, Astrolab has backed this adult-oriented series after working on several children’s animated productions.

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Return Credit: Jaque Content