China/U.S. content aggregator Cinedigm has announced a partnership with Fantawild, one of China’s largest theme park operators and a leading children’s animation producer, to launch a new global streaming channel featuring thousands of hours of the company’s animated series.

The Fantawild channel will launch in the second half of 2020 and will be available worldwide for linear and AVOD platforms. In addition, Cinedigm will distribute Fantawild programming in North America across the broader OTT landscape to its network of distribution partners in the streaming space, including Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Google, Amazon, and Tubi. In July, thanks to the stay at home scenario in previous months, Cinedigm declared a year-on-year 34% growth for the previous quarter.

Fantawild has 29 theme parks in operation with 10 more under development, and attracts more than 50 million visitors annually. Fantawild’s “Boonie Bears” film and TV franchise is one of China’s top animated media properties, achieving high ratings on state-owned China Central Television. Major Fantawild films included in the deal include 2019 feature “Boonie Bears: Blast into the Past,” the upcoming 2020 global theatrical release “Boonie Bears: The Wild Life” and television series which include hits “Boonie Bears: The Adventurers,” and edutainment series “Boonie Cubs.”

“As we have demonstrated over the last year, Cinedigm’s mission is to partner with the world’s largest media brands and launch new streaming services to billions of people across the globe and this partnership dramatically expands that scope,” said Erick Opeka, president of Cinedigm Digital Networks. “Fantawild’s innovation and dedication to quality is on par with the world’s top animation companies, which makes its content acquired by the most renowned channels and digital platforms globally.”

“This partnership will be instrumental in our goals delivering and presenting our content to American audiences,” said Daisy Shang, president of Fantawild Animation. “Cinedigm is very experienced with savvy marketing and promotion strategies, making a perfect fit for delivering quality content to kids and families in the U.S.”