If you need help with your next video conference, Yvette Nicole Brown is officially a virtual streaming pro.

A little less than 24 hours after hosting the “How to Get Away with Murder” finale’s virtual after party (and after taping the “Community” virtual reunion), Brown is set to co-host Friday night’s A-list “We All Play Our Part” virtual benefit for the Motion Picture Television Fund’s COVID-19 Relief Fund with Tom Bergeron.

“I’m strangely energized, even though I’m really exhausted. When I’m doing stuff for a good cause, and it’s something that I love, somehow the energy just comes,” Brown, who is a member of MPTF’s NextGen board, tells Variety. “And then I get to play with Tom Bergeron. How blessed do I have to be to get to do that? If you see me giggle it’s because whatever he just said was not in the prompter.”

Beginning at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on MPTF’s Youtube page, Brown and Bergeron will emcee the one-night-only special featuring appearances by George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, Jodie Foster, Michael Douglas and more. But while the other participants will join the broadcast virtually, the pair will be together for the event.

“We will be distanced on a huge soundstage,” Brown explained. “There’s only going to be two cameras in there and me and Tom. Everybody else will be masked. Me and Tom will be gloved and masked until they say ‘Action’ and they we’re going to throw those suckers to the side and we’re going to do our show.”

She continues: “Tom was going to go there by himself and I was going to be virtual. But once they assured me that they had cleaned the entire place — I take care of my dad so I have to be careful — and we’re going to get in there and do it together, so that’ll be nice. Everything else will be virtual, but Tom and I will be live.”

The benefit will also honor the residents of the MPTF’s Woodland Hills campus who died of the virus or related complications.

“We do have an in memoriam section where we’re going to pay tribute to those that MPTF have personally lost,” Brown said. “But also this nation, this world has lost so many people, so we need to take the moment just to realize that this thing that’s happening is affecting everybody in some way. Nobody’s getting out of this unscathed — I don’t care if you’re the richest person on the planet. Everybody has a loss — and some is a personal family or friend loss, which you cannot even count — but everybody’s suffering through this in some way. And hopefully something that we do tonight, some money that we raise tonight can ease the burden for those that need it the most.”