Robert Pattinson may be busy shooting “The Batman” in London, but he took time on Saturday evening to celebrate the COVID-19 heroes at Go Campaign’s 14th annual Go Gala.

The actor, who has served as the organization’s ambassador since 2015, was joined by gala co-hosts Lily Collins and Ewan McGregor to help raise $1 million for Go Campaign’s efforts to provide global COVID-19 relief and to fight to end racial inequality in the U.S.

Pattinson introduced the organization’s new initiative to provide internet access, tutoring programs and mental healthcare for young people whose education is affected by the pandemic. He added that it is even more critical than ever to come together this year, saying “no child should have to sit on a curb to have access to education.”

During the early days of coronavirus-forced lockdown, Pattinson and Collins donated to Go Campaign’s emergency funds that were used to provide food and hygiene products to 190 families in Los Angeles. The ambassadors also funded weekly food deliveries to vulnerable families in London.

Channeling Emily from the actor’s newly released Netflix series, “Emily in Paris,” Collins invited her social media followers to donate how much it would cost them to pay for their favorite meal they couldn’t eat during quarantine.

“Guys, I love the girl power tonight,” she said. “One last thing to my millions of loyal followers on Instagram — if you could all just give one dollar, imagine what we could accomplish together.”

Joining the event to support Collins was her “Emily in Paris” co-star Ashley Park, who provided a step-by-step demo on how to make a donation via text message. The virtual celebration also featured a guest performance from Pattinson’s friends and sister rock trio, Haim.