Apple TV Plus’ new series “Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet” may be a comedy about the video game industry, but that doesn’t mean it won’t address more serious issues about the business.

“We really wanted to talk about the fact that they’re trying to get more women into working in games, but that it’s still a process that is happening,” series co-creator and writer Megan Ganz told Variety on Wednesday at the “Mythic Quest” premiere in Hollywood. “Women are still the minority in this industry so we tried to take a lighthearted look, but definitely an honest look at that and show those sorts of conflicts.”

Co-creator and star of the series Rob McElhenney also acknowledged the cultural diversity in gaming. “The world of gaming right now from a cultural perspective is massive,” McElhenney said. “It really is transcending through so many different cultures globally and it’s speaking to so many millions of different people.”

The live-action comedy series, produced in partnership with gaming giant Ubisoft, revolves around game developers working on the fictional “Mythic Quest” game.

“We made sure to inform every aspect of the show with real developers, producers, creative directors and monetization directors,” said Ubisoft’s Jason Altman, an executive producer on the series. “We made sure to bring all of the people who work in gaming to the creative process to make sure that we were doing it right.” 

It was crucial to “get it right,” McElhenney said, but they also hope the series will appeal to a wider audience of non-gamers.

“I made sure the writers’ room itself was bifurcated,” McElhenney said. “Half the room was not interested in games at all and that was only because I wanted to make sure this was a show for everybody. The other half of the room — hardcore gamers.”

Cast members Ashly Burch, Charlotte Nicdao and David Hornsby were also at the premiere.

Mythic Questpremieres Feb. 7 on Apple TV Plus.