The Los Angeles Police Department has issued a warning directed to Hollywood Hills residents after seeing an “increase in loud house parties” during the coronavirus pandemic.

With the Los Angeles night club and bar scene currently shuttered due to shelter-in-place and social distancing regulations, cops are more frequently answering house calls over loud disturbances in the ritzy neighborhoods, while some people have turned to short-term rentals to get their party on.

“We are having a challenging problem with party houses in the hills,” senior lead officer Ralph Sanchez said in a video posted by the LAPD Hollywood division. “Please, don’t come up here to party. Come up here and enjoy Hollywood, but observe and obey the COVID [safety regulations].”

The officers cited issues like loud music and “screaming voices in the backyard at 3am,” which are disturbing local residents, as well as public intoxication, traffic ingestion and urination in the streets.

“If you can avoid these situations, you can avoid a visit from your local police agency in the middle of the night,” one officer stressed.

Later in the video, Ethan Weaver, a Hollywood neighborhood prosecutor, warned viewers of the consequences to throwing a party under the current circumstances. These repercussions can range from a citation to criminal prosecution and up to six months in jail. He explains that these consequences can extend to those hosting the party, but also to the homeowner renting out the property, even if they are not present at the time police arrive.

If residents feel the need to report a loud gathering of people, they may call the non-emergency line at 1-877-ASKLAPD (1-877-275-5273). Suspicions that a location functions as a home-sharing enterprise can be reported to the complaint hotline at 1-213-267-7788.

Gatherings of any size are currently prohibited under orders issued by both Los Angeles county and the state of California.

Watch the full video below.