Julio Torres’s special brand of comedy helped raise $60,000 to support undocumented youth and their families during the coronavirus pandemic.

Torres, the co-creator of HBO’s series “Los Espookys” and a former writer on “Saturday Night Live,” hosted the virtual comedy show “My Sun in Aquarius” on Friday night for the New York State Youth Leadership Council‘s COVID-19 relief fund.

The show included improv hand acting with Nick Kroll, color theory with Natasha Lyonne and a parody of Beanie Baby bios with Bowen Yang. The show also included Fred Armisen on the “sounds of letters” and Aidy Bryant critiquing random objects, including toilet seat covers and ornate sinks.

“I’m so grateful for everyone who has donated and for the beautiful people who performed in this little show!” Torres said. “New York’s undocumented population is already at a deficit. Finding work, staying healthy, and making sure their kids are getting a proper education are every day hurdles these New Yorkers are up against. COVID 19 crisis has only pushed them further into the shadows, as they will not be getting any sort of government help — despite contributing to the city with essential and often dangerous work day after day.”

The fundraiser was sponsored by New American Economy (NAE), an immigration advocacy organization. Torres has posted the show’s segment with Yang on NAE’s YouTube page in hopes that it will inspire more donations.

The full show is posted now until Monday, May 25.

“[Undocumented people] have largely been excluded from the conversation, proving that while we like to think ‘we’re all in this together,’ that’s not true in practice,” he said. “Throwing some money at this is a start. I hope we keep donating and talking about it – striving to make meaningful change. In the meantime tough… thank you and please enjoy this silly moment on the internet. Tell a friend and please donate. A small difference is a difference!”

All proceeds raised for New York State Youth Leadership Council’s COVID-19 relief fund are being distributed to families through checks or electronic transfers with priorities focused on single parent homes with small children, LGBTQ immigrants and people with disabilities.

“NAE was so honored to partner with Julio Torres and NYSYLC on this entertaining and mission-driven event,” said NAE director of content strategy Katherine Steinberg. “Raising more than $50,000 to directly assist undocumented immigrants facing hardship in New York is an incredible step in ensuring all immigrants are cared for during this pandemic.”