ICM Partners’ Hannah Linkenhoker and Chris Silbermann have partnered to create a new political consulting firm called Vivify.

After working together for years supporting progressive candidates and causes, Linkenhoker and Silbermann are launching a consultancy designed to promote activism through public policy and legislative initiatives. Vivify will work with clients who want to be more involved in civic engagement and activism. Linkenhoker had been head of the ICM Politics unit since 2017. With the launch of Vivify, Linkenhoker will shift to serving as a consultant to ICM.

“I’m excited about the work Vivify is doing to empower our clients to make a real difference on the issues they care about — things like racial justice, women’s rights, climate change and education, to name a few,” said Linkenhoker. “So many people are rightly angry with the inequities in our society and the lack of urgency to solve the many challenges facing our country, but we have a real opportunity to hit the ground running after this election. With the potential of a new president and Congress in place, we can work together to change laws that impact people’s lives. That’s what Vivify is committed to doing.”

Linkenhoker served as a political advisor to Silbermann and other high-profile individuals for more than a decade. In 2017, she joined ICM Partners to launch ICM Politics, focused on activism and political engagement. Linkenhoker will continue to steer that work for ICM Politics through the Vivify banner, working with a range of clients in entertainment, business and philanthropy.

(Pictured: Hannah Linkenhoker and Chris Silbermann)