In the closing weeks of the campaign, President Trump has spent much of his time attacking network interviewers and debate moderators.

But in a town hall aired on Wednesday night by Sinclair Broadcast Group, Trump got to relax a bit under friendly questioning from host Eric Bolling.

Bolling, a former Fox News anchor, now hosts Sinclair’s “America This Week” news show. The town hall was taped on Tuesday and broadcast on Sinclair’s local stations in 55 markets.

Trump has complained that other outlets have not devoted more time to a New York Post report about Joe Biden’s son’s business dealings in Ukraine. Bolling got to that right away, asking Trump if he believed the Biden family had broken the law. Trump has said as much in recent rallies, calling the Bidens a crime family.

“It’s terrible, it’s terrible,” Trump told Bolling. “It’s a corrupt enterprise, there’s no question about it.”

Bolling also teed up another of Trump’s favorite subjects of late, asking if Twitter and Facebook “are biased in this election” by restricting sharing of the Post story.

“100%,” Trump responded. “They are trying to protect him.”

“Censorship?” Bolling asked.

“Of course, it’s at a level that nobody thought possible,” Trump said.

“Election interference?” Bolling followed up.

“Yup, 100%,” Trump said.

Bolling also asked if more will be coming out about Hunter Biden. Trump said there would, and Bolling asked, “When?”

Trump has complained that ABC and NBC have gone too easy on Joe Biden in recent town halls. The Sinclair forum seemed intended to offer a similarly friendly venue for Trump, though Bolling did steer the conversation toward more delicate topics for the president on occasion.

He asked if Trump could have a “mulligan” on the COVID-19 response, if he would have done anything differently. “Not much,” Trump said.

Bolling asked about Trump’s relationship with Anthony Fauci, and suggested that it might not be so bad if people wore masks in public.

“There are a couple cable channels that make a living off what you say and what you do with masks,” Bolling said. “Why not just take that away from them?”

Bolling also got in a few questions about Thursday’s debate, asking if he planned to change his strategy. Trump was non-committal, saying he thought he’s done well with his previous strategy.

Bolling asked Trump if voters should tune out the polls, which show Trump trailing. Trump said the polls are fake, and that he is winning.

The Sinclair host also tried to get Trump to talk about what he would do with regard to China in a second term. “Plenty,” Trump said.

Asked to elaborate, Trump declined: “I’m not going to talk to you about that now. Give me a break.”