Trump on Savannah Guthrie: ‘I Have Somebody Going Totally Crazy’

Trump Town Hall NBC
Courtesy of YouTube/CNBC

President Donald Trump said on Friday that Savannah Guthrie had gone “totally crazy” during the NBC town hall on Thursday night.

Guthrie, host of NBC’s “Today,” grilled Trump on subjects like QAnon, white supremacy, his tax returns, and whether he would accept the outcome of the election.

Trump brought up Guthrie and NBC repeatedly throughout the day. Speaking at a rally in Macon, Ga., on Friday evening, Trump complained that he had not been treated fairly, and said that Guthrie had “disappeared” following the event.

“Everybody thought it was so inappropriate,” Trump said. “Savannah — it was like her face, the anger, the craziness.”

Trump spoke to a group of seniors in Fort Myers, Fla., before heading off to rallies in Ocala, Fla. and Macon.

“That was a nice pleasurable evening,” Trump said in Fort Myers. “I have somebody going totally crazy. I told you. I told you that… I understand that worked out very well last night, that’s what the word is. Another evening in paradise I call it.”

By the time he got to Macon, he had soured somewhat.

“It’s so unfair,” he said. “You watch last night, and you see the anger and the hatred. I’m saying look, ‘Let’s just do this thing. Just take it easy. Relax.'”

ABC held its own town hall with Joe Biden and George Stephanopoulos on Thursday night, setting up a ratings battle. Though Trump’s event was broadcast across NBC and its cable channels CNBC and MSNBC, more people tuned into the Biden town hall, according to Nielsen data.

The Biden event averaged 14.1 million viewers on ABC, compared to 13.5 million on the three NBC channels. On NBC alone, average viewership was 10.9 million.

In Fort Myers, Trump said he did not watch the Biden event, though he complained that Stephanopoulos had thrown too many “softballs.” Later, in Ocala, he said that he did watch Biden.

“It does seem unfair when you have a guy that’s constantly getting questions like you’re talking to a child,” Trump said. “And then you get, ‘Boom, boom, What about this? What about that? What about this?'”

The Trump campaign had blasted Guthrie on Thursday night, accusing her of acting as a “debate opponent and Joe Biden surrogate.”

Trump also complained that Stephanopoulos had not asked Biden about his son Hunter and Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company. In Macon, he also complained that NBC’s Lester Holt had not asked Biden tough questions during a town hall on Oct. 5.

“Another genius,” he said, referring to dismissively to Holt.

Trump also brought up the subject of Guthrie’s whereabouts during the Ocala rally.

“She’s like disappeared,” Trump said. “Nobody can find her. She’s not too popular right now.”

He also repeated the complaint that Stephanopoulos had gone easy on Biden, while Guthrie was more aggressive with him.

“If you can’t handle Savannah you cannot handle Putin and President Xi and Kim Jong-Un,” Trump said. “That’s small potatoes last night. That’s small potatoes.”