Comedy legend Mel Brooks is the latest celebrity to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2020 election against President Donald Trump.

The prolific actor, director and writer was joined by his son, Max Brooks, and his grandson in a video shared to Max’s Twitter account on Wednesday. He wrote, “My father, Mel Brooks, is 94. He’s never made a political video. Until now.”

In the short video, Brooks sits at a table with a Biden-branded “Cup of Joe” coffee mug, while his son and grandson socially distance themselves and hold up Biden posters outside the house.

“Hi folks. I’m Mel Brooks, and behind me you see my son and my grandson. They can’t be with me. Why? Because of this coronavirus, and Donald Trump’s not doing a damn thing about it. So many people have died, and when you’re dead you can’t do much,” said Brooks.

Brooks said he supports Biden because he likes facts and science, while Trump has been widely criticized for downplaying the coronavirus pandemic and not wearing a mask before testing positive for the virus himself.

“So, I’m voting for Joe Biden. I like Joe. Why do I like Joe? Because Joe likes facts. Because Joe likes science. Joe will keep us going. Take a tip from me, vote for Joe,” Brooks said. To close out the video, Brooks waves goodbye to his son and grandson, saying “I gotta fill out my ballot, see you later.”

Celebrities have hosted several star-studded virtual events in support of the Biden campaign. On Tuesday night, several “Avengers” cast members teamed up to encourage fans to vote blue.