Los Angeles County officials have announced a new stay-at-home order to take effect Monday, Nov. 30.

The three-week order was announced on Friday, as the county confirmed 4,544 new cases of COVID-19 and 24 new deaths. This brought the county’s five-day average up to 4,751.

Though the new order is not as restrictive as the one put into place in the spring, all L.A. residents must stay at home as much as possible and wear a mask when they exit their households. The order prohibits all gatherings between people who are not residents of the same household.

“Residents are advised to stay home as much as possible and always wear a face covering over their nose and mouth when they are outside their household and around others,” the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said in the announcement.

However, attending outdoor church services and protests are still allowed. Businesses remain open, though at a limited capacity, and outdoor dining is banned at restaurants, which was determined by the near-statewide limited safer-at-home order last week. Beaches, trails and parks are still open, but cannot be used to hold gatherings with those outside of one’s household.

The stay-at-home order will stay in place until Dec. 20 to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“We know we are asking a lot from so many who have been sacrificing for months on end,” Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said in a statement. “Acting with collective urgency right now is essential if we want to put a stop to this surge.”