Hollywood Reacts to an Uncertain Election Night: ‘We Are All a Mess of Anxiety Right Now’

Mark Ruffalo, Kerry Washington, Charlize Theron

Celebrities have been very outspoken about President Trump throughout the last four years, and they were especially vocal in the recent months and weeks. Election night proved to be no different as people took to social media to react to the close and increasingly uncertain race between Trump and democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“The Avengers” actor Mark Ruffalo tweeted to remind his fans that absentee votes may not be counted until the end of the week. “Take a deep breath folks,” he wrote. “Remember the #RedMirage we won’t know in important states tonight.”

Kerry Washington encouraged Arizona voters to stay in line to cast their votes.

Katy Perry tweeted out a pair of graphics to let Americans know that every vote counts.

Charlize Theron celebrated Sarah McBride’s victory as the first transgender state senator in U.S. history, while acknowledging that “we are all a mess of anxiety right now.”

Seth Rogen also encouraged Arizona voters to stay in line.

Elizabeth Banks kept it real, writing: “I’m just pacing back and forth. At least I’m burning off the gallon of ice cream I just ate.”

“Schitt’s Creek” creator and star Dan Levy took to Twitter to express gratitude. “So much love to everyone working the polls, everyone working on the #BidenHarris2020 campaign, everyone who has gone above and beyond for the greater good,” Levy wrote. “Grateful for you and your time and commitment to a better tomorrow.”

Tracee Ellis Ross called out to the voters in crucial swing state Minnesota: “The future of our democracy depends on you showing up to the polls today – make your voice heard and make it count.

Meanwhile, Kanye West set his sights on running for president once again in 2024.

Josh Gad encouraged his fans not to put too much weight on Florida: “This election isn’t for the President of Florida. It’s for President of the United States. Do not sweat FL. It will do what it always does and be Florida. Keep voting where you can and stay focused.”

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Many celebrities used their platforms and social media accounts to spread information about the election to their millions of fans. Beyonce, Zendaya, Mark Hamill, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and many more urged their followers to register and vote in the election.

Gaga performed at Biden’s final campaign event on Monday night, performing her hit songs “Shallow” an “You & I.” Singer John Legend also performed at the rally in Pennsylvania, one of the key swing states heading into the election.

“Now is the time to show up and vote like this country depends on it, because it does. And I want to remind you, listen to me, I want to remind you and all the people who are listening. We all know that this thing may come down to Pennsylvania,” Gaga said. “We need you, we need your family, we need your friends, we need your heart. Vote like your life depends on it, or vote like your children’s lives depends on it, because they do.”

At the same time on Monday night, Trump held a rally in Michigan, another important swing state, where he invited 20-year-old rapper and supporter Lil Pump to the stage, though he accidentally called him “Little Pimp.”