Within hours of the electoral race being called on Saturday morning, Americans around the country took to the streets to celebrate Joe Biden’s victory. Public celebrations erupted in Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C., among other cities.

In front of the White House, chants of “This is what democracy looks like” and “U.S.A.” broke out as soon as the election was called. A pedestrian popped a bottle of champagne and sprayed it over the crowd to kick off the celebration. They also danced to Village People’s “YMCA,” the song that Trump played at some of his final rallies.

In D.C., people also gathered at the Black Lives Matter Plaza, where federal agents deployed chemical gas on protesters earlier this month. The block, since this morning, has been filled with hundreds of people singing “Sweet Caroline” and line dancing.

In Brooklyn, N.Y., Spike Lee was spotted celebrating in the streets, popping a bottle of champagne in front of a crowd. Another Twitter user even shared a video in which Lee was directing traffic as he marched along with his fellow New Yorkers.

Jennifer Lawrence partied in her pink pajama pants in Boston, where she is currently filming “Don’t Look Up.” The actor took to the streets to celebrate by running around, dancing and screaming in joy.

In the President-elect’s home state of Pennsylvania, which also played a pivotal role in the Democratic ticket’s win, a small parade took place in Philadelphia with pedestrians marching in American flag bike helmets and Black Lives Matter t-shirts.

In downtown Los Angeles, a large street celebration took place surrounding the L.A. Times building, where people danced to music, cheered out loud and honked as they drove by.

Also in L.A., John Legend and Chrissy Teigen joined in on the fun. “Everyone is so beautiful and so happy I’m crying,” Teigen wrote while quote tweeting a fan.

Celebrating in “Oakland style” was the city’s Mayor Libby Schaaf, who drove around in a fire-breathing mechanical snail, while holding a Democratic ticket campaign sign. Schaaf previously rode the vehicle to her inauguration at the Paramount Theater in 2015.

The Castro District in San Francisco, known for its celebration of LGBTQIA communities, was also filled with people dressed in bright character costumes, cheering to the drums.

Downtown Chicago’s Michigan Avenue was filled with cars and public buses honking at pedestrians cheering from the sidewalks.