Biden Campaign Trolls Trump by Snapping Up ‘Keep America Great’ Website, Which Claims to Detail President’s Failures

Biden campaign - Trump - keep america great
Courtesy of Biden for President

Joe Biden has turned one of President Trump’s pet slogans, “Keep America Great,” against the current occupant of the White House with a new website.

The Biden-Harris 2020 campaign earlier this summer bought the rights to the keepamericagreat.com domain name and this week launched the site, which documents 12 of Trump’s alleged “promises made, promises broken.”

“Trump isn’t looking for a second term — he’s looking for a do-over,” the Biden campaign’s new site says.

The site then lists multiple issues that Trump had pledged to tackle but didn’t deliver on, according to the Biden campaign, including COVID-19; the economy and jobs; immigration; foreign policy; veterans affairs; education; health care; and infrastructure and technology. Keepamericagreat.com also encourages visitors to enter their email address to “stay up to date on President Trump’s failures.”

The keepamericagreat.com domain was previously owned by billionaire Tom Steyer, the Democratic presidential hopeful, who had emblazoned the site with anti-Trump messages, including “Trump is a fraud & a failure” and “BEAT TRUMP: HE’S A CONMAN, A CROOK, AND A CRIMINAL.”

Biden announced keepamericagreat.com in a tweet Thursday, as Trump was delivering his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. “Donald Trump promised to be the greatest jobs president God ever created,” Biden said. “Instead, tens of millions of Americans are out of work and we’re facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. #PromisesBroken”

“Keep America Great” is a semi-official slogan of the Trump-Pence re-election campaign, with dozens of products including hats, T-shirts, hoodies, flags, bumper stickers and beer koozies listed for sale on its site.

In response to the Biden campaign’s new website, a Trump 2020 campaign rep told Politico, “You can buy all the domain names you want, but Joe Biden can’t ever buy a way out of his 47 years’ worth of failure in elected office.”

Trump’s speech accepting the Republican Party’s nomination for president Thursday night was staged on the White House’s South Lawn. That was another apparent violation by the RNC of the federal Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from taking “an active part in political management or in political campaigns.”

In another bid to troll Trump, the Biden campaign ran a two-minute ad Thursday on major TV networks (including Fox News) just prior to the president’s RNC acceptance speech Thursday. The “Keep Up” ad also is slated to air over the weekend in battleground states.