Taylor Swift and Beyoncé have become just the latest in a long line of celebrities advocating for Americans to vote — and just in time, too.

With one day left until the 2020 presidential election, both artists took to social media to link fans to important voter information. Both also notably shared their support for the Democratic candidates, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

In Swift’s Twitter video, the singer acknowledged that U.S. voters have likely been inundated with messages to get their ballot in. “Allow me to be the one millionth person to remind you that tomorrow is your last chance to make your voice heard and your vote count, so if you haven’t voted yet, please do,” she says in the clip.

Beyoncé made two Instagram posts related to the election, including one in which she can be seen wearing a Biden/Harris mask. The other is an image that reads, “The most important drop is at the ballot box,” and has the word “vote” around written several times around the edges.

She also used the caption on one image to specifically call for eligible Texas voters to act. With early voting alone, the state has already surpassed its total number of votes from the 2016 election.

But the women were only two of numerous influential celebrities making one last push to encourage voter turnout on Monday. Others, including Ariana Grande, Zendaya and Eminem, have also used the last leg of the election as a final rallying call for voters to show up and make their voices heard.

Many of those speaking up, as has been the trend amongst celebrities during this year, have vocally lent their support to the Democratic nominees. Others taking a different approach instead shared their disdain for the sitting president, Donald Trump.

Grande, for example, used her platform to encourage Florida voters to cast their ballots for Biden. “Florida, the race is close and we only have two days left to vote for @JoeBiden,” she wrote.

Zendaya, on the other hand, provided images that list voting rights and information on when polls are open on Tuesday in each state. She captioned her Tweet “vote this mf out,” referring to her hope that President Trump does not earn a second term in office.

Scroll through a list of other celebrities who took to social media on Monday to encourage their audiences to vote in the election below.

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Have you done your early voting yet? I know Everything is starting to feel pretty heavy this week… I’m sure you all feel it too… make sure you take time for yourself and don’t forget to do some deep intentional breathing every so often to calm your nerves. Take a walk with music. Give yourself a hug. Talk to your friends and family about how you feel. Hopefully change is coming. Tomorrow is the official Election Day for our new president. Please be on the right side of history. There is only ONE party that will be receptive to the work and advocacy that the thought leaders of our generation , and past generations have been fighting for. Beyond anything , this election is about getting a racist, misogynistic , xenophobic, frankly disgusting man out of office. This past year during the pandemic, we have all had a chance to sit with ourselves and really think. What kind of America do we want to live in? For our children to group up in? I want to live in a welcoming, respectful, helpful, smart, responsible and kind America. What we’re living through right now, under Donald Trumps presidency, is the exact opposite. He won’t even acknowledge his wrongdoings or the evil that is infiltrated and has permeated through the systems and certain groups/people in America. Because he believes in them! He knows that the people that support his racism and hate, will give him a vote , so he could never condemn them. He approves. It’s sick. There is so much to say , but just know, this is one of the most important elections to date. The feeling of standing up for what you believe in, having strength within your decision and knowledge . Then going out and VOTING to express that decision, could quite possibly be the best feeling in the world! We are just individual pieces of a very large puzzle, but each puzzle piece counts … including yours!!! We are standing up now so the children, grandchildren and next generation, OUR future Bosses, Teachers, Artists, Leaders never have to feel oppressed by anything or anyone. Who will be effected if you don’t vote? Think about that. Vote for empathy. Vote for science. Vote for a not blatantly criminal, racist president and VP. Vote

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