Sen. Amy Klobuchar is dropping out of the presidential race and will endorse former Vice President Joe Biden, as the field consolidates on the eve of Super Tuesday.

Klobuchar becomes the third candidate to drop out in the last three days, following Tom Steyer and Pete Buttigieg. Biden revived his campaign with a 28-point win in South Carolina on Saturday, making him the clear moderate alternative to Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The Klobuchar campaign confirmed that she will fly to Dallas on Monday, where she will endorse Biden at his rally.

Reuters reported that Buttigieg, who ended his candidacy on Sunday night, will also endorse Biden. Harry Reid, the former Senate majority leader, also endorsed Biden in a statement on Monday, saying he could assemble “the largest, most diverse coalition” to defeat President Trump, and that he would serve as a “stabilizing force.”

At the South Carolina debate last Tuesday, Klobuchar said that Democrats should be wary of nominating a self-described socialist.

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“I like Bernie,” Klobuchar said. “We came in together to the Senate. But I do not think that this is the best person to lead the ticket.”

She has also criticized Sanders’ health plan, saying it would alarm voters by kicking 160 million people off of private insurance.

The Minnesota senator pitched herself as a pragmatist with the experience to get things done, and based her appeal largely on her Midwestern sensibility. She surged to a surprising third-place finish in New Hampshire, following a breakout debate performance.

Her campaign outlasted several better known candidates. But she finished a disappointing sixth in both Nevada and South Carolina.