Orlando Puerta, a veteran of Warner Bros. Records, where he worked from 1997 to 2009 as a promotion and marketing executive, and a longtime advocate of dance music, died in the early morning hours of Saturday (April 4) of an upper respiratory infection. He was 55. Although he was tested for the coronavirus, the results had not been returned before his passing. Puerta was a cancer survivor, as noted on his social media. 

The Los Angeles-based Puerta most recently returned to running his own company Citrusonic LLC and Citrusonic Label Group, where he served as president. He specialized in club promotion, marketing and A&R over his 30 years in the business and was known throughout the industry as a staunch Madonna devotee.

A note on the Citrusonic Facebook page announcing Puerta’s death reads as follows:

Dear Friends,

It is with great sadness that we tearfully announce the passing of our founder, leader and dear friend Orlando Puerta.

Orlando passed peacefully in hospital Saturday morning at 3:40 AM after a short but severe battle with upper respiratory infection. At this time we are awaiting further details and the results of a COVID-19 test performed prior to his passing.

We understand that Orlando has touched us all in different but similar ways and we grieve with you. We are saddened that due to quarantine efforts in our region we will not be able to conduct a funeral or burial at this time. We will keep you informed of updates.

Orlando was a champion of Dance Music, of free thought and a lover of life, music and animals. We will continue his legacy at Citrusonic by carrying forward his initiatives for all of our beloved clients, dj’s, musicians, remixers and fans. Likewise, we have established a donation link where friends and family can benefit animals in leu of flowers and cards. We appreciate you.

Anyone who would like to discuss Citrusonic business matters is encouraged to reach out to promo@citrusonic.net. Our leadership is intact, our business is strong, and we will carry on in memory of Orlando’s epic multi-decade career in Music. More to follow.

With love and prayer,


A gofundme has been set up for donations in Puerta’s name.

Writing of Puerta, songwriter Diane Warren said: “He not only was, and I hate the word was, a legend in the dance world but one of the sweetest kindest people I have ever known. … He fought fiercely for what he believed in and for his friends.”