YG’s ‘F— Donald Trump’ Sees Huge Streaming Spike After Biden Victory

YG Hitmakers
Courtesy of YG

YG’s song “F— Donald Trump” is four and a half years old and was released when a Trump presidency still seemed far-fetched. But its moment truly arrived last week and particularly on Saturday, as the presidential election gripped the country and finally — apparently — resulted in Donald Trump’s defeat.

The song could be heard blaring from many cars and boomboxes in the hours after Biden’s victory was announced on Saturday, and even inadvertently found its way into a CNN broadcast about one of the celebrations in Atlanta.

The song, which was originally released in March of 2016 also featured late rapper Nipsey Hussle, began to resurge on Nov. 2 as Election Day drew closer.

By Saturday, it was the seventh most-popular song by streams, with 2.3 million on-demand audio and video streams, a 489% increase from the day before, and was also No. 1 song in sales, with nearly 3,200, an increase of 785% from Friday, according to statistics from Alpha Data and Rolling Stone that became available on Monday. Overall, the song saw a 600% week-on-week increase in streams from November 1st through November 7th and a 1,240% increase in sales.

According to Def Jam, YG’s label, on Saturday the song:

*reached No. 1 on the U.S. iTunes chart;
*hit 3 million combined streams in that one day;
*reached 1.1 million streams on Spotify (up 431% from the previous day);
*reached 904,000 streams on Apple Music (up 515% from the previous day);
*clocked nearly 1 million video views (with all of its versions combined)

Also according to Def Jam, over the course of the past week there have been:
*more than 3 million social media posts using the #FDT hashtag (and was still clocking 800 tweets per hour earlier Monday);
*a 300% gain in streams and listeners on Spotify and Apple Music;
*it reached No. 2 on Spotify’s U.S. viral chart (and No. 7 globally).

Among several celebratory tweets on Saturday, YG tweeted, “I know @NipseyHussle goin crip krazy right now!”