58 Indie Artists Band Together for Voters’ Rights Benefit Album ‘Talk – Action = Zero Vol. 2’


Matthew Caws of Nada Surf, Neal Francis, Say Hi, Pink Mountaintops, The Long Ryders, a new project featuring Kurt Wagner of Lambchop and Mac McCaughan of Superchunk, and many more independent artists have banded together for a 58-track compilation album to benefit voters’ rights called “Talk – Action = Zero Vol. 2,” curated and organized by Bank Robber Music and Rough Trade Publishing.

The compilation album is available exclusively on Bandcamp and all proceeds will benefit Spread the Vote, a national foundation that helps US citizens and communities empower themselves to be heard at the polls and helping with voter IDs, registrations, education and turnout.

A majority of the songs featured on the compilation are related to voting, the election or the current state of the country, whether covers or new original songs (not least Harry Pye and Francis Macdonald’s “Vote Him Out,” which closes the compilation).

The first volume of “Talk – Action = Zero” paid tribute to the countless Black Americans who have been murdered due to police brutality, with all proceeds benefiting Black Visions Collective. With a pivotal election on the horizon, Volume 2 highlights the importance of voting and empowering citizens to be heard at the polls.

It features over 45 unreleased songs including the debut of Sunroof (Daniel Miller and Gareth Jones), and Repressed, a new collaborative project featuring Kurt Wagner (Lambchop), Mac McCaughan (Superchunk), Phil Morrison and Sarah Louis and Sally Hanson (House of Land).

The compilation also features tracks from Matthew Caws of Nada Surf, Neal Francis, Jennifer O’Connor & Travis Stever, Gary V, LIP TALK & WooF WooF, NY Hustlers, LoneMoon, Say Hi, Alanna Royale, Power of Attorney, Roots & Tings, Karyn Kuhl, Pink Mountaintops, The Long Ryders and many more.

“Spread The Vote is thrilled to be working with BankRobberMusic/Rough Trade Publishing on this incredible compilation,” says Spread the Vote founder Kat Calvin. “Music has always been critical for every movement and at this moment, we need great music that inspires us to stand up for our democracy more than ever.”

“This is easily the most consequential election of the last century and after our last compilation we knew we had to keep the momentum going by bringing our artist community together to help raise money for change,” says John Newcomer of Bank Robber Music and Rough Trade Publishing. “All proceeds will go directly to Spread The Vote which focuses on voter education as well as ensuring people that can vote are able to vote.”


Matthew Caws (of Nada Surf) – When History Comes

Neal Francis – Come In out Of the Rain

Jennifer O’Connor & Travis Stever – Young Turks

Gary V – Reverse The Curse

LIP TALK & WooF WooF – Erase Rewrite

NY HUSTLERS – Power To The People

LoneMoon – Deadd

Daniel Miller and Gareth Jones (Sunroof) – 1.2 – 30.5.19

Say Hi – Walls (Keep Closing In)

Repressed – Concerned

Alana Royale – Child of God

Power Of Attorney – Life is Nowhere (instrumental)

Roots & Tings – WE

Karyn Kuhl – The Tower

Pink Mountaintops – Downward Daze

Apex Manor – Why I Started Drinking Again

Tara Jane O’Neil – Who Crazy

Witch Taint – People Have The Power

Tobi – Amen (featuring Nicovani)

Sean Kiley – One More

The Long Ryders – Down To The Well

Sayvior – Get Out of It

mmeadows – ww111

Oddnesse – Summer’s Almost Over

Painted Doll – Slow Armageddon

A Place To Bury Strangers – Do It All Again

Spring Summer – Tell Me How it Ends

The Mastersons – So Impossible

Hayden Cainin – The Parts I Hid Away

Joey Pecoraro – Voting is Tight

Howard Ivans – Now It’s On (Grandaddy Cover)

The Brazillian Gentleman – SUNFLOWERS

Rocky Votolato – The Life & Light of Elijah McClain

Moving Panoramas – Texas Blues (Song Confessional)

Dion Lunadon – The City Is Ours

Silence on the Other End – Killing US

The Special Pillow – Grin and Grip

Aaron Perrino – Church of Discontent

Telekinesis – Looking Thru You

Al Gnu – We Laugh

Third Culture Kings – Lucid Dreamer

Femme Deadly Venoms – Femmenomenon

Dot Dash – Gray-Blue-Green (Acoustic)

Ghostcoast – Sante Fe

River Hooks – Local Train

Doug Gillard – Stealth Control

Sally Crewe – Out There

Sailcloth – Prints

Attention Machine – It Is Well

Satellite Mode – Only You

Okaywill – Goodbye America

BLUEOX – Ten Feet Tall

The Bodies Obtained – Wait For You

Cheap Synths – People Keep Sayin

Glen Parks – Want To Be Fair

So-So Topic, David Karsen Daniels – Autumn Leaves

Glitterous – _untZ

Das Damen – Rain Dance Live 6/19/1987

Harry Pye and Francis Macdonald – Vote Him Out