UTA Music implemented several internal social justice initiatives to address systemic racism and social injustices throughout 2020.

Through a four-pronged approach to making change, employees in the Justice Now task force work to dismantle boundaries or limitations based on social or racial identity. Organized by Aicha Forbes-Diaby, Zoe Williamson, Kiyomi Calloway, Christine Lee, Bowie Chen, Brian Escobar, Keshia Floyd, Kevin Bhatia, Nicole Schoen, Haley Fairman and Tara Vickers under the leadership of Natalia Nastaskin and Toni Wallace, the force’s main pillars for inciting change are “Education,” “Empowerment,” “Mentorship” and “fearless imagination.”

The music group’s education pillar leaders host monthly meetings for safe discourse on topics from the history of voting rights to the origins of race. They also highlight the influence many Black cultures have had on the constantly growing music industry.

The mentorship pillar collaborated with the UTA Foundation to partner with Music Unites and help high school students build relationships in the music industry, with a focus on urban youth. The MusicVersity: Honors Program offers students a virtual masterclass featuring UTA agents each month. The group of students selected to take part in the program were picked from a batch of applicants after the Summer 2020 MusicVersity.

Goals of empowerment and encouragement of a fearless imagination are currently being met through the La Femme Majeure (LFM) initiative and the ongoing events attached to it. The initiative focuses on providing safe spaces for all women and non-binary individuals to engage in leadership and mentorship programs. It has offered both virtual and in-person events to inspire women in the music industry.

Though LFM was founded in 2019, the initiative hosted a webinar event this May for more than 300 women in attendance.