Triller, the music-video creation app, has named a dozen top female music industry executives to a new advisory board. The execs are: Rebeca Leon (Lionfish Entertainment), Rosa Asciola (Spotify), Jenifer Mallory (Columbia Records), Elyse Rogers (APG), Tina Davis (Empire), Phylicia Fant (Columbia Records), Dina Sahim (Sal&Co/Maverick), Rhea Pasricha (Prescription Songs), Allison Maccio (Live Nation), Ebonie Ward (Emagen Entertainment Group), Madeline Nelson (Heads Music) and Kaily Nash (Last Kings Records).

According to the announcement, the advisory board will meet quarterly to discuss challenges that Triller faces, and collectively work towards solutions with the tech giant to better ensure seamless integration into the industry and most importantly support for the artists and creators on the platform.

“These executives were hand-picked for the advisory board based on their skillsets within the music industry,” the announcement continues. “Ranging from a wide spread selection of various music sectors including management, label, publishing, live, and DSP’s. Each of these women have been leaders within their fields, paving the way for artists and executives alike.”

Triller Chairman Bobby Sarnevesht said, “Triller’s core audience actually leans about 70% female, and when we took a look at our investors and our leadership team, we saw mostly men. How can we speak to our female audience if we aren’t also looking at it from the perspective of a female? I am thrilled to bring in Kaily Nash to help us put together this dynamic list of women based on her connections and foresight into who would best integrate with Triller.”

Kaily Nash, Advisory Board Member and GM of Tyga Music/ Last King’s Records, says,  “These women were not only picked because they are gamechangers within the industry, but picked for who they are as people outside of the industry. We wanted to showcase diversity across various segments of music, and give these women a voice within Triller. We are honored that each of these incredible women said yes to helping push Triller forward into its future.”

In the following weeks. Triller will also bring on senior male executives to join the advisory board.

Triller is the first social music platform to offer users the ability to stream artists songs directly through the app, which correlates to direct pay outs to artists. It has been downloaded more than 250 million times and has over 100 million monthly active users.