As part of a five-song preview of his forthcoming album “Magic,” Oneohtrix Point Never has dropped a collaboration with The Weeknd titled “No Nightmares.” It’s a slow and yearning ballad that recalls “Scared to Love” from The Weeknd’s smash album released in March, “After Hours.”

The Weeknd-featured track appears at the end of a five-song release titled “Midday Suite” (which followed a “Drive Time Suite” from last month). Listen to the song below.

Oneohtrix Point Never, a veteran electronic artist whose real name is Daniel Lopatin, has been collaborating extensively with The Weeknd in recent months and even accompanied him on “Saturday Night Live” back in March. The Weeknd is an executive producer of “Magic.”

The suite is a fitting preview of the album, which swings between experimental sounds, soaring, pop-inflected songs and discordant textures, like the “Cross Talk II” that opens the suite. Although Lopatin’s vocals are usually heavily treated and the lyrics are often unintelligible, his production and arrangements are among the most innovative in the past decade of electronic music.

According to the announcement, the album, which also features from  Caroline Polachek, Arca, Nate Boyce and Nolanberollin, “loosely summons the broadcasting logic of radio dayparts, switching on in the morning and closing very late at night, while seamlessly latticed together with kaleidoscopic, twitchy transformations of sound between the dials to form a darkly humorous reflection on American music culture.” There are multiple references to terrestrial radio throughout the album, including on “Cross Talk II.

Late last year, Lopatin scored the Safdie Brothers’ noir thriller “Uncut Gems,” which starred Adam Sandler and features The Weeknd portraying himself in his big-screen debut.