Spotify launched the Songwriters Hub on Thursday, offering access to various playlists and podcasts revolving around songwriters. It also includes a highlights section used to feature songwriters and new releases.

“With the launch of the Songwriters Hub, we’re continuing to evolve how music is discovered, appreciated, and enjoyed by the world,” said Jules Parker, Spotify’s head of songwriter and publishing relations, in a statement. “People know who an artist is. They don’t know who the writers are, necessarily. If we can help make those connections, we help people discover new music and open up potential career opportunities for the songwriter.”

The “Written By” playlists featured on the hub collect songs crafted by individual songwriters, from Hit Boy to Tayla Parx. The new space also launched with its first featured artist being Nija Charles. The songwriter has helped craft hits for Drake, Cardi B, Maluma, and more, with some of her most notable tracks including Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s “Rain On Me” and Maroon 5’s “Nobody’s Love.” She also worked on multiple songs for Grande’s “Positions” album.

“Having a hub for songwriters is extremely important because people need to know who these people are who are helping create the soundtrack to our lives,” Charles said in a Spotify blog post. “Songwriters deserve to be praised for their contributions just as much as artists and producers.”

Spotify will continue to roll out “Written By” playlists for each songwriter on the platform, making their pages accessible when clicking on the writer’s name from a song’s credits list.

The Songwriters Hub can be found here, under the “Songwriters” tab on the Browse page, or by typing “songwriters” into the search bar.