Spotify has teamed up with Ticketmaster and live-music app Songkick to include virtual event listings on the platform, which will appear in both the “On Tour” section of artist profiles and in Spotify’s concerts hub, the streaming giant announced Tuesday morning.

Events must be listed either on Ticketmaster or Warner Music-owned Songkick to be included. Both will integrate event listings for shows on any platform — including Twitch, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, a hosted website or another source.

Virtual events uploaded through Songkick, the live stream concert discovery app, will automatically show up on artist profiles and in the Concerts hub, and artists can set their events as their Artist Pick.  A select number of Ticketmaster events will also be automatically listed on Spotify.

“Over the past six months, artists have adopted innovative ways to connect with their listeners from afar, and virtual performances have played a key role,” a Spotify blog post reads. “With most tours postponed until 2021 and online concerts set to continue, Spotify wants to make it easy for fans to learn about virtual events—whether for artists you already love or for those you’re discovering for the very first time.

“Starting today, listeners will be able to find virtual event listings on Spotify. Head to the “On Tour” section of your favorite artists’ profiles for their scheduled performances or take a look at the full listings on our Concerts hub,” it continues. “Both will integrate event listings for shows on any platform—whether that’s Twitch, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, a hosted website, or something else—through ticketing partners like Songkick and Ticketmaster. Head to the Concerts hub (you can find it under Browse on desktop and Search on mobile), or scroll through your favorite artist’s profile to find the “On Tour” section.”

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