Alt-rock veterans the Smashing have announced a new double album, “Cyr,” is dropping on November 27.

The 20-track album was recorded in the band’s home base of Chicago with frontman and chief songwriter Billy Corgan producing.

The group has also created a new five-part animated series called “In Ashes,” the first two episodes of which will including music from the album and will premiere on September 25 — watch the trailer below.

“ ‘Cyr’ is dystopic folly,” Corgan has said of the album. “One soul against the world sort of stuff, set against a backdrop of shifting loyalties and sped-up time. To me it stands as both hopeful and dismissive of what is and isn’t possible with faith.”

The album is the long-running group’s second since three-fourths of the original lineup reunited, with guitarist James Iha and drummer Jimmy Chamberlain coming on board for 2018’s longwindedly titled “Shiny and Oh So Bright, Vol. 1 / LP: No Past. No Future. No Sun.” The three-letter title of the new album suggests a more reductive mood for the band — although a 20-track double album does not. See the full tracklist below:

  1. The Colour of Love
  2. Confessions of a Dopamine Addict
  4. Dulcet in E
  5. Wrath
  6. Ramona
Anno Satana
Birch Grove
  9. Wyttch
  10. Starrcraft
Purple Blood
Save Your Tears
  13. Telegenix
  14. Black Forest, Black Hills
  15. Adrennalynne
  16. Haunted
  17. The Hidden Sun
yger, Tyger
  20. Minerva